Authentic Business Community (ABC)

Do you want to develop a referral network of people who really get you and want to support you?

Imagine if you could gain a new supporter/referral source for your business every 2 weeks, continuously -- and yet you only have to make ONE referral, ever. Read on to understand how this magical system works!


Do you genuinely want to support others in building their businesses?

The Authentic Business Community -- a supportive gifting/sharing network that generates an ongoing stream of referrals for members.

Want to know more?

Please read over the ABC Guidelines and ask yourself if it would excite you to join.

Contact me if you have questions prior to enrolling.

Once you join (by filling out the form below), you will receive Sandy Freschi's Welcome Gift:

A 45 minute private session with Sandy Freschi that you can use in any way you like.

Some Possibilities...

  • Get an overview of your Human Design chart
  • Get a personalized mentoring/coaching session
  • Pick Sandy's brain about life and business according to your design
  • Get an Energy Alignment session