Can You See Your Strengths and Talents Clearly?

People tell you that they love your work. When they ask you how you do what you do, you're at a loss for words. You know that there's a certain magic within you that just comes out when you're being recognized or are responding in a certain way. But heck if you can articulate what that is!

It's ok to be in the mystery of your magic ... until you have to describe yourself on your website or resume. You know the anguish of trying to express your special qualities so that your ideal client or boss can understand that they would be crazy not to hire you.

What usually follows is a bunch of confusion about what you truly have to offer. This results in being hired by the wrong people to do the things that just don't make you shine. Ultimately, you end up downplaying the worth of your work... discounting your talent... and undercharging for your uber-valuable, genetically endowed, skillset.

How much more confident and empowered would you be if you could see what sets you apart and tell others about it in a concise way?

If your lack of clarity about what you have to offer is keeping you from attracting the right opportunities into your life, you're invited to join us for....

Activate Your Talent

an online workshop to illuminate and clarify your authentic gifts

  • See yourself through your Human Design chart in a new and different way
  • Feel empowered by your innate genetic strengths
  • Formulate a clear statement that encapsulates how you're designed to have an impact on others
  • Discover your core talent and what you must do to develop it

Three Easy Zoom Sessions

Tuesdays 11:00 am - 12:15 pm Eastern

September 29th

Session 1 - Force-Field Activation

Discover how you impact people with the energy that you exude. Experience a visual activation of your core strengths.

October 6th

Session 2 - Articulate Your Strengths

Put words to the effect you have on others.

October 13th

Session 3 - Develop Your Core Talent

Identify your core talent and how to develop it.