Advanced Human Design Readings

A Deeper Dive into Your Chart for Greater Success and Fulfillment

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About Advanced Readings

Since your initial reading you've experimenting with your personal strategy for releasing resistance and your decision-making process to become your own authority in life. You're now ready to look at the advanced details of your chart that would bring more enlightenment onto your path and ease to your journey.

Here are some of the advanced readings that you can get which will help you with specific aspects of your life. These are the most common types of readings that people get as their next step. If you have other concerns or questions that aren't addressed in these readings, and you want to know if Human Design can shed some light, please feel free to contact me with your questions.

I recommend that you start withthe reading that addresses your most pressing questions ...

  1. Life Purpose Reading - A look at the most prominent themes of your chart and how they support your life purpose.
  2. Relationship Reading - Understand the influences that other people have on you and how you can create more ease in your relationships.
  3. Life-Cycle Reading - When turning 30, 40, and 50 and 3 months before each birthday

Life Purpose Reading

This reading answers the questions of ... What contribution am I here to make? What must I master to fulfill my purpose in the highest possible way?

This Live One Hour Reading includes a look at your...

  • Incarnation cross

  • Significant themes and patterns

  • Potential internal struggles

  • How you can turn your challenges into gifts

You also get...

  • A recording of your reading
  • Coaching as time permits
Relationship Readings

The questions that can be answered in a relationship reading...

  • How can I have a better relationship with a loved one, friend, or co-worker?
  • What makes him/her tick? What makes our relationship click?
  • Why is my child behaving this way? How can I best support my child at their unique phase of development?
  • Who is the best applicant to hire for this job?

Relationship readings can help you get clarity about many different types of relationships. Fees and format vary based on your specific needs. Please inquire.

Life Cycle Readings

At each significant phase in your life you may wonder... What can I expect at this turning point in my life? What potential challenges and gifts lie ahead? What type of success am I working on during this phase? What themes are supporting me in my growth?

You will benefit from a Life Cycle Reading at these times...

  • Turning 30
  • Turning 40 (Everyone except 6th line profiles)
  • Turning 50 (Especially 6th line profiles)
  • Before each birthday year

Real Words from Real People

My session with Sandy confirmed some things I already knew about myself and gave me direction in other areas. With the concept being new to me (and being somewhat skeptical), Sandy was able to help me understand how I work best when living by my design.

She made sense of something I've been challenged by for most of my life, and showed me how when I live through my emotions my life will have greater flow.

Thank you Sandy!

Anne E.

Personal Development Coach

Over the years, several people have offered me Human Design readings, and explained their understanding of the HD system. Of all of them, I felt that Sandy described Human Design in the most easy to understand, interesting way for me.

She is a dedicated professional and really cares about her network.

Thank you Sandy for all that you do!

George K.

Authentic Business Coach

I got so much out of my initial meeting with Sandy, for my personal life and my business. I'm a life coach and intuitive-healer in training and was curious about how Human Design could help me. The chart validated a lot of my experience and with it,

Sandy gave me some great practical advice for how I can bring more ease to my life, given my chart. Specifically, I got tips for how best to process information, make decisions, and manage relationships with clients, collaborators, and loved ones.

I'm so grateful to have connected with Sandy and to know that I can call on her support when I'm struggling!

Noelle J.

Life Coach

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