Advanced Human Design Readings

A Deeper Dive into Your Human Design Chart

Advanced Readings

You had a Foundation Reading and you're ready for a deeper dive into your Human Design chart. Here are some options

  • Life Purpose Reading - A look at the most prominent themes of your chart and how they support your life purpose.
  • Generator Sacral Sessions - Questioning sessions to help Generators and Manifesting Generators get in touch with their sacral response.

- Sacral Activation Session: First time sessions that include course instruction and coaching and guiding

- Laser Focused Sacral Session: Get clarity about a specific topic (no topic is off-limits)

  • Relationship Readings - to understand the influences we have on each other and how to be more effective in supporting each other.

- Parent / Child

- Couples

- Family

- Co-worker / Small Business

Life Purpose Reading


A look at the most prominent themes of your chart and how they support your life purpose. Includes a look at ...

  • Incarnation cross

  • Significant themes and patterns

  • Potential internal struggles

  • Coaching around alignment


Generator Sacral Sessions

Generators and Manifesting Generators have an inner guidance system that speaks to them through their gut response. These sessions help them to gain access to their gut / sacral response, so that they can trust themselves when you make decisions.

Sacral Activation Session_copy

Sacral Activation Session - $180

The Sacral Activation Session is designed to help you discover and connect with your sacral sounds. Get this service if you’re finding it challenging to feel or hear your sacral response, or if you want guidance about using your sacral response to make decisions,

  • 50 minute private session (to answer questions, connect you with your sacral response, take you through a sacral session)
  • "Sacral Wisdom for Generators and Manifesting Generators" - Online Course
  • A recording of the session can be made available if requested at the time of the session.
Laser Focused Sacral Session_copy

Laser Focused Sacral Session - $80

Get clarity on your most pressing questions. Get this service if you're comfortable with your sacral response, but need someone to ask you questions. All topics are allowed.

  • 30 minute private session focused entirely on yes and no questions
  • A recording of the session can be made available if requested at the time of the meeting

Relationship Readings


Couples Reading

Get radical insights into the dynamics of your relationship with your significant other.

  • Discover the type of attraction you have between you.
  • See what's really going on when the other person drives you crazy.
  • Learn how to communicate with your significant other so that you avoid unnecessary conflict.
  • Get the tools to cultivate deep acceptance and understanding between the two of you.
  • Understand how to be yourself in your relationship.
Parent / Child / Family Readings

The parents and family structure create the foundation for a child's development. Human Design offers a unique perspective that helps you to cultivate more acceptance and love for your family and children.

  • Discover and understand your child's potentials.
  • Learn how you can best support and empower your child as he/she grows up.
  • Get insight into your family dynamics at a very deep level.
Small Business

When people come together in small groups, the group forms certain attributes that give a business a life of it's own. The success of the group depends on how each person is operating within the group dynamics.

  • Get life-changing understanding of what's really going on within your group dynamics.
  • Discover the specific way to communicate with each person on your team, that will yield the best results.
  • Choose the right people for the right job, and give them the specific support they need to do their job well.
  • Improve communication and understanding among group members.

Pricing for relationship readings depends on the number of people and the complexity of the reading.

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Real Words from Real People

My session with Sandy confirmed some things I already knew about myself and gave me direction in other areas. With the concept being new to me (and being somewhat skeptical), Sandy was able to help me understand how I work best when living by my design.

She made sense of something I've been challenged by for most of my life, and showed me how when I live through my emotions my life will have greater flow.

Thank you Sandy!

Anne E.

Personal Development Coach

Over the years, several people have offered me Human Design readings, and explained their understanding of the HD system. Of all of them, I felt that Sandy described Human Design in the most easy to understand, interesting way for me.

She is a dedicated professional and really cares about her network.

Thank you Sandy for all that you do!

George K.

Authentic Business Coach

I got so much out of my initial meeting with Sandy, for my personal life and my business. I'm a life coach and intuitive-healer in training and was curious about how Human Design could help me. The chart validated a lot of my experience and with it,

Sandy gave me some great practical advice for how I can bring more ease to my life, given my chart. Specifically, I got tips for how best to process information, make decisions, and manage relationships with clients, collaborators, and loved ones.

I'm so grateful to have connected with Sandy and to know that I can call on her support when I'm struggling!

Noelle J.

Life Coach

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