Are You Procrastinating or Tired?

01 November 2017

Have you ever sat down at your computer to get some work done, only to realize a few hours later that you’ve done nothing but surf social media? Even the most focused and driven people can fall into this procrastination trap. It’s easy to beat yourself up about it, but before you do, stop and ask yourself this question… Are you procrastinating or are you tired?

Everyone, regardless of their Human Design type, has a certain way that they can best manage their energy to stay aligned with what enriches them the most. The problem is that most people push too hard when they really need to give themselves a break. They think that in order to get what they think they want, they have to override the messages their body is giving them … to take a break… to reassess … to listen and follow the wisdom within which always knows the way. Instead, they disconnect themselves from the only true guidance they have, and they end up in places that couldn’t be further from what they deeply desire. These are the places where energy and time get frittered away on distractions and things that don’t matter.

If this happens to you, it’s probably a pattern that was set up long before you could recognize it. The patterns could’ve started when were pushed to go to school when your body just wanted to stay home and rest. Or when you were judged as lazy when you didn’t apply yourself to your studies. Or it’s origins could’ve been when you fought off sleep because you wanted to stay up and play. Whatever the source, you can get reconnected with you. You can rediscover how you were meant to use your energy so that it’s not wasted on things that don’t feed you.

The next time you judge yourself for procrastinating, consider the possibility that your behaviors may instead be a way that you’re attempting (on an unconscious level) to take back your power. You’re perhaps tired physically… tired of working when you really want to play … or perhaps you’re just tired of doing things the way you’ve always done them. So if you find yourself distracted when you intended to get work done, give yourself a big hug. You’re beginning to listen to yourself again and to take back the power of your inner wisdom!

My business coach, George Kao, is a very successful Projector energy type who has rhythm and routine as a consistent part of his design. He’s the master of authentic business systems, and he has developed some great strategies for staying productive in a joyful way. Projectors are here to guide others with their deep wisdom. If you’re struggling with productivity and procrastination, you may be inspired by his wisdom on the subject.