Can You Really Fake It Til You Make It and Be Happy?

20 June 2017

Does the “Fake it til you make it” approach to success really work? Will you actually be fulfilled and happy if you follow this advice?

You can fake your business persona… put on a new suit for a job interview (as an example).. and people may respond to you differently. You may in turn carry yourself differently, which could retrain you to behave in ways which attract more outer success. But in the end, will this bring you the kind soul satisfying success that ignites your destiny and makes your heart soar? Maybe a small fake like this one could nudge you in the right direction in certain circumstances, but only if it contributes to one key element about you that determines how you fulfill your destiny.

You have a unique energy signature that is felt and recognized by other people. It’s contained in the auric or electromagnetic field that you exude into your environment. People can feel what radiates from you. And before they even shake your hand, they already know (either consciously or unconsciously) what’s going on with you. Much of this has to do with how authentic or inauthentic you feel to them. If you are faking it in ways that really matter, people know it. And deep down inside they will hesitate to trust you, or they may not recognize you for the beautiful being that you are.

Have you ever been around someone where something about them felt “off”? It’s probably because they weren’t operating from their true energy signature. When you stop trying to fake it and just relax into who you really are, you will discover that your deepest heart’s desires will naturally come to you in the way that you are designed to receive them. There is no need to fake anything to achieve the success and happiness that you really want. The clarity of your energy signature will do the work for you.

With Human Design you can get to know the nuances of your energy signature. You can discover what it is designed to attract and what you get to experience when you attract just what you need into your life. Your Human Design blueprint is a great guide for learning about what you may have a tendency to fake when you’re not operating from awareness, and how that may interfere with the success and happiness you’re here to have. Once you become aware of these dynamics, you can use your Human Design blueprint to guide you to live out all of the unique strengths and qualities that you authentically possess.