Your Power in the Conditioning Matrix

8 February 2020

Don't you love how we're being presented with all kinds of opportunities to discern truth from falsehood these days? As usual, we can see our collective internal struggles projected out onto the world stage as "fake news", drama, and endless permutations of general confusion.

If the outer world is an accurate gauge for where we are with our collective inner transformation, I would say that we've finally arrived at the point where the leading edge of Humanity's consciousness (that includes you) is ready to cut through the sh*t and live from the power of individual truth.

In all of the consciousness teachings that I've worked with over the past couple of decades ... Human Design and the Gene Keys being two of them... they all boil down to one thing...

The only truth that you can count on is the truth inside of you.

Human Design gives us a blueprint to know the truth of our hardwiring and potentials. The Gene Keys helps us to evolve our consciousness to see our truth from a higher level. But did you know that you can also discover your inner truth by understanding who you're not? That's what we're exploring in the Deconditioning Blueprint.

The white spaces on your Human Design chart reveal so much about how you may give your power over to the conditioning matrix... the web of energies, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions that can be falsely mistaken as your truth. The conditioning matrix is like "fake news" for the psyche. It muddies the waters. It creates doubt and suspicion. And it's highly distracting when you're trying to make sense of it.

Something incredibly transformative happens when you explore the white spaces in your chart. You pull back the curtain of illusion about who you think you "should" be and see the personal "fake news" that's been running your life from behind the scenes.

Here's a little exercise that the students in the Deconditioning Blueprint are doing right now. Try it and see what it reveals to you.

Create Your Not-Self Chart

If you want to understand your conditioning better, you're invited to take the Deconditioning Blueprint online course.