Deconditioning Blueprint

Discover the Patterns that Keep You from Your True Self

Uncover the energy dynamics that keep you from living your best life.

As you use your Human Design chart to identify long-held patterns that you're ready to release, outside forces will no longer keep you from living an awakened and empowered life.

If you're struggling to keep your balance and stay true to yourself when you feel distracted and overwhelmed, you're not alone!

If you're like most people, you've been conditioned away from your innate ability to know what's best for you. And if you're particularly open or empathic, the problem is magnified by your extra sensitivity to other people and the outside "noise" that comes into your life.

Human Design teaches us that the inconsistent aspects of us are the places where we have potential for our deepest wisdom. You can see where your wisdom potentials lie by looking at the white (open) areas on your chart. When you become adept at managing the energies that move through your openess you live your life in a more awakened state. You no longer need to hold onto the patterns that you developed because you felt inadequate, unproductive, unloved, or unworthy. You see that what the outside world perceives as "weaknesses" are really your gifts that enable you to live the "something special" that you're here to live.

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This course is for you if...

  • You're a Human Design enthusiast who wants to explore your specific conditioned patterns by understanding your openness and split definition.
  • You struggle with inconsistency and can't understand why.
  • You're easily distracted, highly emotional, put yourself under a lot of pressure, or have ups and downs that you can't control.
  • You've been told that you're an empath and you want to know how that works.
  • You judge certain aspects of yourself negatively because you feel like you don't measure up to others.

What you'll learn

  • The common conditioned behavior patterns of your undefined centers, gates, and channels
  • Where to look in your Human Design chart for the energy dynamics that have the strongest influence on your conditioning
  • Where you compromise your true nature to get love and acceptance
  • Common behavior patterns that can be triggered through the openness in your Human Design chart
  • What you're here to learn and master through your openness
  • What to focus upon in your personal Human Design chart to release long-held conditioned patterns

How you'll benefit

  • Gain a higher level of self-acceptance and compassion
  • Turn your perceived weaknesses into superpowers of perception
  • Develop a framework of awaress that empowers you to live as your true self
  • Be more confident about who you are and who you're NOT
  • Get better at identifying the source of unhealthy emotional and mental behaviors
  • Release old patterns of inadequacy and defensiveness that zap your inner power

What you get

  • Pre-recorded Video lessons that cover all of the aspects of conditioning and the openness in your Human Design chart
  • Monthly Live Deconditioning Clinics to explore your personal conditioning dynamics
  • Supporting materials to deepen your understanding of your design
  • Bonus 1: Free Human Design chart and advanced Human Design "Not-Self" chart for people who attend the live calls!
  • Bonus 2: 20% off of one private session to receive personal mentoring about your Human Design chart (highly recommended if you're are new to HD)

Course Sequence and Topics

Video Lesson Part 1 - The Mechanics of Conditioning

Release Date: Thursday, January 15th

Get an overview of the deconditioning process as understood in the system of Human Design. Learn about the energy dynamics in your Human Design chart that contribute to your conditioned patterns. Discover why conditioning is not always undesirable. Identify your most vulnerable places of conditioning on your Human Design chart.

Video Lesson Part 2 - Conditioning and Split Definition

Release Date: TBA

Discover what the splits between your defined energy centers and discover what they reveal about your personal patterns of conditioning.

Video Lesson 3 - Conditioning and the Undefined Energy Centers

Release date: TBA

Get a good working overview of the conditioned behavior patterns that can develop in your open and undefined energy centers.

Live Deconditioning Clinics

Fourth Tuesday of the Month at 9:30 am Eastern time

Bring your questions about your openness to the clinic. We'll explore your chart and support you in releasing your conditioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any pre-requisites for this course? It's good to have a basic understanding of your Human Design strategy and authority prior to starting the workshop but it's not necessary to have mastered it. This workshop builds upon and reinforces the practice of your strategy and authority, so there will be opportunities to refine your understanding of this aspect of your design.

Do I need to be present at all of the live clinics? You're encouraged to attend as many as you want throughout the year so that you can ask questions, explore your chart and get coaching and mentoring throughout your deconditioning process. If you can't make all of the meetings, you will have recordings to review at your convenience.

How many live clinics will you run and how many can I attend? I'll run monthly live clinics throughout 2020 for as long as there is interest... ideally, the last one will be in December... but we (you and I) may have moved onto other things by then. There will be at least 1 live clinic per section, to support you with each part of the course. You are welcome to attend as many clinics as you want.

Will the recordings of the live clinics be made public? We respect your desire for confidentiality. The recordings, in their entirety, will only be made to the active members of the group. Sometimes a piece of wisdom is expressed in these group settings that would be beneficial for others to hear. In those instances, you will be asked directly in writing if we have permission to share your input with the public. You always have the right to refuse.

How many private sessions sessions can I get with the discount? You may book one session at the discount at any point throughout the duration of this program.

When will Parts 2 and 3 be Released? As a 3/5 Splenic Projector with a lot of inconsistency in my Human Design chart, I'm going to say that they will be created and released when the energy is right in the moment. I know that's cryptic and frustrating for some of you, and I appreciate your patience. The momentum of interest and the energy opening... the saturation of energy that's interpreted as an invitation... has to be there in order for me to bring out the next phase. My intention is to have them both completed within 3 to 4 months of the start date of the program, but as I work with more of you the timeframe may be altered a bit.

*Special Note: The pricing for this program will increase as course material is added. The price that you pay at the time of your purchase will lock you in as more value is added. You will not be charged an additional fee for this version of this program throughout 2020!

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