Do You Need Human Design?

27 May 2017

A first look at your Human Design chart may cause your eyes to glaze over. And even if you are somewhat familiar with its various components … astrology, the I’Ching, the Kabbalah tree of life, the Hindu chakra system and quantum mechanics… you may still be left wondering what it all means and why you need to know it.

The truth is that you don’t really need to know every little detail of your chart to live a fulfilled life. If you are healthy, abundant and move through your life with relative ease, you may already be living in alignment with your Human Design at a very deep level.

Human Design uses your birth information to produce a visual representation of your body’s unique energetic blueprint, and it gives you a rather poetic understanding of your genetic code. Your chart contains within it the keys to your strengths, talents, life purpose and potential struggles. It’s not a predictive tool. It’s a tool for understanding who you are and how your body knows what’s best for its existence in the physical world.

So if you’re living authentically, you don’t need Human Design. If you make decisions that usually turn out well, you don’t need Human Design. If you have healthy relationships and work that fulfills your soul and energizes your body, you don’t need Human Design.

If you are encountering frustration or bitterness or disappointment or anger, Human Design gives you a lens to understand how you can turn that around. If you’re burned out from work that wears you out, Human Design can show you how you’re designed to work. If you are trapped in the monkey mind’s charade of fear and doubt, the practice of your Human Design experiment will help you free yourself of the distracting influences around you.

You are supremely unique, and your consciousness is meant to ride through life as a passenger in your body. In that way you can observe and see the world for what it is, without wasting your energy and talents on things that keep you in resistance. Your body knows the way through life. Frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment are all signs that the body’s innate wisdom is not being honored. Human Design gives you a framework to begin to put your body back in charge of your journey, so that you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

When you begin to align with your Human Design you will discover that the flow of life becomes easier. You will learn to trust decisions. Your perceptions will become clearer. You will know what you truly need in your life to be healthy and fulfilled.