Do You Trust Your Heart’s Plan?

29 August 2018

Last week we looked at progress from the standpoint of pushing too hard. This week I was given an experience to share that illustrates what happens when you need to make progress, but haven’t been able to do it on your own.

Let’s preface this with some reminders from last week’s post…

  1. You have a heart resonance that knows the way through your life.
  2. When you need to make progress on your path… your authentic path;not the one that you think you want to take … nothing can really stop your progress.
  3. In order for you to live the highest version of your path, you must trust your design and be in your heart.
  4. And let’s add … If you can’t get there on your own, your life circumstances will assist you.

So here’s the story…

I’ve been dealing with an unusual amount of stress and upheaval. You could (from an intellectual standpoint) call it a seismic existential shift. Within the span of 5 weeks, both my husband and I lost one of our parents. And while I’m no stranger to the grieving process, this grief has been hard to wrap my heart around. So in keeping with reminder number 4, life gave me some assistance to open my heart and make progress on my path.

My husband and I have also been slowly preparing for the day when we finally get to move out of our current home and into the one that we will soon build. We had two aquariums full of fish that we either needed to let go of or move into our new home. We got rid of one, and decided to take the other tank of fish with us. But apparently that wasn’t in keeping with the bigger plan of our heart resonance.

Last week I awoke to a half filled aquarium and 50 gallons of water saturating my living room rug, love seat, phone wires and basement floor. It was awful. My husband was away. But fortunately, my stepdaughter, who happened to be visiting for a few days, was there to help with damage control. And we eventually got the fish to a new home.

When it was all over, I finally broke down and cried tears that I hadn’t been able to get out since the passing of our parents. The stress overwhelmed my nervous system, and I just couldn’t hold back the tears. I cried tears of gratitude, tears of love, tears of grief, and perhaps even tears of relief. My heart bubbled over to let out the energy that I couldn’t get out on my own.

Other Gifts Toward Progress

In addition to opening my heart, this disruptive incident cleared the way for a whole lot of progress in other areas of my life. Suddenly many obstacles to moving our residence had been resolved. The release of the fish cleared the way to dismantle and clear out other physical things in our home that we just couldn’t seem to do anything about. The house is currently in disarray as the rug and furniture dry. The disarray and chaos has opened up the flow of possibilities for an easier change and transition.

And energetically, it seems like there is now more clarity about choices for our new home as we move into a more streamlined way of living.

A Human Design Perspective

I’m a Human Design Projector energy type. I don’t have the energy to make things happen on my own. In these cases where physical action is needed, I sort of have to rely on the outside forces to move me along. This experience was proof again, that I have all of the assistance I need to get to where my heart wants to take me… (right down to my Manifesting Generator stepdaughter who could do the heavy lifting at the beginning of the crisis.)

My job is to relax into my design, and go with the bigger plan.

Life doesn’t necessarily become perfect when you follow your design … especially when you’re on the path of change. But you do get what you need to trust in the plan and become more resilient to the stresses that come with being human.