Get Back in the Flow of Your Feel-Good

Energy Work to Support Your Human Design and Personal Growth Journey

Feeling Blah or Stressed Out?

Don't let low energy and lack of luster keep you from your joy!

In this time of great transition and high stress, it’s easy to get misaligned with your internal sense of “feel-good”. Often the source of the misalignment isn’t clear. And sometimes it’s not important. What is important is that you re-align as quickly as you can with your internal compass and energy resources.

Want some help to feel good again?

Let’s get to the point of what’s happening, free up your energy, and move you back into the flow of life.

Energy Alignment Session

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What an Energy Alignment Session Does…

  • Helps you clear the energy and issues that are bogging you down.
  • Connects you with your own intuition and a broader perspective.
  • Puts you into a state of ease and relaxation.
  • Gives you tools to add to your personal self-care toolbox.
  • Is customized to your needs in the moment.


Each session is a unique journey of exploration and applied action, designed to support you in releasing, elevating and understanding your energy system. This is a dynamic and creative process which isn’t defined by a rigid system or protocol. A variety of intuitive and energy techniques may be used during your session.

Most of it is guided by our connection to our higher selves and each other. Often I will see images that are metaphors for how the energy looks or needs to move. Sometimes I hear guidance. When I do, I guide you from these sensations. At other times I just hold a high vibrational space for you to do what needs to be done.

How it Works

  • Upon scheduling, you will be asked for your birth information so that I can run your Human Design chart. (You don’t need to know anything about Human Design. I just need to see your chart to get a feel for who you are and what’s going on with you.)
  • This is not a Human Design reading, but if appropriate, you may be shown some things about your chart that are crucial for you to know while working with your energy.
  • We start with a discussion and exploration of the issues you bring to the session. This gives you a way to focus in the moment, and to create a space for insight and healing.
  • As you share, I will scan your Human Design body graph and energy system to identify where you require support or aid in unblocking and moving energy.
  • We meet by video conference. You will get the link in your confirmation and in subsequent reminders.
  • Your session will be recorded for you to have and review at any time.
  • Allow one full hour for your session.

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How to Prepare

This is your time!

  • Be in a quiet comfortable place where you have both privacy and internet access.
  • It’s good to have a glass of water on hand to drink as needed during the session.
  • Allow time after the session to rest and relax if needed.

What to Expect After Your Session


The aim is to restore and renew your energy. You may feel...

  • Lighter and perhaps enlightened.
  • At ease and aligned with the flow of life.
  • More connected to your inner wisdom.
  • Wiser about what you’re experiencing and what to do about it.
  • Empowered and energized.

Some people report feeling nothing at all initially, but notice that their energy shifts over time.

Hear What Others Have To Say

Hola Sandy! I slept long and well! I did the meditation we did together last night, this morning as a part of my other practices and I did it first; it was very helpful! The whole rest of my session was improved by it. Thank you again!


Thankyou for your incredible work.

I feel so much better after that session. I actually fell asleep for an hour after the session.



Energy work is not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment. If you have a serious health imbalance please see a Doctor or other appropriate professional, and make energy work a complementary part of a complete health care program.

The information and guidance given in these sessions are not to be taken as medical advice, but as a catalyst for deeper inner work. My primary efforts are directed to helping you discover, acquire and activate your own abilities to heal yourself, and to trust more deeply your inner wisdom and guidance.