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There's More to You than Your Human Existence

If your higher-self, soul-self, and spiritual guides could tell you one thing, they would say that they are here to help you reach and go beyond your human-bound potential. They want you to know that you are more than just a body and a mind. You are a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being who can draw upon your rich soul history, divine gifts, and the energy from the source of creation to bring your current life experience to new heights.

When you align your human self with the higher aspects of your consciousness you are elevated into the realm where high-powered light and energy can multiply your current quotient of authenticity, satisfaction, joy, and success. An Energy Alignment Session activates an awareness of and a deeper relationship with your multidimensional essence, and it gives you the healing, clearing, and energy tools that you can use to unblock yourself and move your life forward.

What an Energy Alignment Session Does

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  • Puts you in touch with your higher-self, soul-self, and guide team so that you have access to all of your higher wisdom
  • Clears blocks to love, light, and truth so that you can see yourself and your situation more clearly and deal with it in a empowered way
  • Provides healing for the most significant things that reveal themselves during the session
  • Activates higher levels of consciousness and raises your frequency
  • Raises your awareness about who you are at soul-level so that you understand why you're playing your version of the human game
  • Opens a connection between your human design and your soul design so that you live your life in a more integrated way

Get an Energy Alignment if...

  • You've done a lot of personal development work and feel stuck in one or more areas of your life
  • You want to work with your soul consciousness and your higher self in a more intimate way
  • You want to be more attuned to your inner guidance
  • Something feels off or disconnected within you and it's keeping you from functioning at a higher level
  • You have gifts that you're not using and want to bring them out
  • You would like to bring more esoteric, "behind the scenes" support to your business, life, and relationships

The Energy Alignment Process

  1. Soul Record Research - Research is done in the akashic records (the book of life) to understand the soul-level factors that are contributing to your current life situation and concerns. I use a meditative process to connect to these broader energies and a logic system of questioning to focus in upon the streams on consciousness that specifically pertain to your questions and intentions. The akashic records is a vast space that contains all experiences, thoughts, history, and potentials. It's very important to be focused and logical while navigating its expanse.
  2. Initial One-to-One Meeting - We meet via video conference to explore your soul-level characteristics and gifts. We then look at how you're designed to live them out through your Human Design blueprint.
  3. Recorded Energy Interpretation Session - During this session, I connect with your soul record, higher self, guides, and healing team to bring through the streams of consciousness, energy frequencies, insights, healing, and guidance needed for a better alignment and flow in your life. This session is done at a distance. You need not be present for it. I will record my process for you to go through at a time that's convenient for you. Your recorded session is emailed to you when it is complete. The process often manifests as a conversation with the higher aspects of you. It usually includes a reading of your energy, some healing, clearing, and practical guidance.
  4. You Get the Recorded Session and a Link to Schedule another Live Meeting - I wait for the right moment energetically to do your recorded session. It could take anywhere from one day to one week after our inital meeting to complete it.
  5. One-to-One Integration Session - This is your opportunity to work through the shifts that are happening in your life and ask questions about your reading.
  6. Follow-Up Sessions As Needed - After the completion of the initial process, you may want to check in periodically to fine-tune your own connection with your higher self. These sessions are scheduled alacarte and are not included in the package price.


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Is This Work for You?


This Work is for You if...

  • You're actively doing your own personal growth work and want to take it to the next level
  • You're working with your Human Design blueprint and want to feel more empowered by it (It's not necessary to know about your design to benefit from this service.)
  • You feel that something is holding you back from your desired outcome and want to do something about it
  • You're ready to clear out anything that's keeping you from living life at a higher level
  • You take 100% responsibility for the way you live your life and the outcomes you produce

This Work is NOT for You if...

  • You have a serious medical, psychological, financial or business issue that requires professional attention by an expert in that field
  • You're freaked out by any of the language on this page
  • You are looking for results that don't require effort from you

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What Others Have to Say

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Fantastic experience working with Sandy! (1)

Anne Marie Pizzaro

Akashic Record Expert, Founder, Body Energy Connection

"... you are so powerful, gifted and tuned in! ... What you provided me in this session both relaxed me to my core and also excited me that I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to do and this will continue to guide me for years to come so thank you, dear Sandy!"

Judi S.

I can't find the words to express how perfect the energy alignment session was. Meeting dad's Higher Self and knowing I'm backed up by such powerful defies description. I felt so much of what was going on even before you spoke.


Truly the best day I have had since I can remember. I know it's because of last night's alignment. Looking forward to tomorrow. Its been years since I've been able to say that.

About Sandy Freschi

My Dear Friend,

Are you going through growing pains in your life, business, or relationships? If you're reading this you probably feel like you need to make a shift to be more in the flow of life. You know you have a lot of power within you and gifts to give, but you need something... a little insight... some healing... a jolt of supercharged energy to get it all up and out of you.

There are many things (as I discovered from my own trial and error) that can disconnect you from your higher knowing, your true power, and the ability to manifest your best potential. I've also discovered that nothing can stop you when you're hooked up to all of who you are... body, mind, soul, spirit, higher-self, guides (yes they're part of you too).

I've been nudged and poked and prodded by my higher aspects to offer this service to others. After years of inner work, training, and refining it's a great honor to help others break through to their power and use it to evole their life, business, and relationships.


Here's my story if you're curious...

My healing abilities began to emerge when I became a massage therapist in 1991. About 6 years into my massage practice, a new client walked in with an entire entourage of healing guides. They worked with me through her for a number of years. Throughout the evolution of my formal training as an energy healer, akashic record reader, and intuitive, this group of guides has remained with me, gently encouraging me to allow them to work through me at ever-increasing levels.

My formal training includes many modalities, to include certifications in Human Design, Soul Realignment and Quantum-Touch (instructor level). I've maintained the integrity and strength of my own energy field throughout the years by personally learning from and receiving the services of many powerful high-level healers, practitioners, intuitives and psychics.


Energy work is not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment, psychotherapy, or financial / business consulting. If you have a serious health iissue or condition that requires expertise from a trained professional in that field please seek support from the appropriate professional.

The information and guidance given in these sessions are not to take the place of sound professional expertise, but are to be used as a catalyst for deeper inner work. My primary efforts are directed to helping you discover, acquire and activate your own abilities to heal yourself, and to trust more deeply your inner wisdom and guidance.