Feeling Overburdened by Stress and Anxiety? – This One Question May Help

25 October 2018

It seems like the world is drowning in stress. This is to be expected, given the high level of chaos that’s happening upon the planet. Change brings chaos. Chaos brings transformation. And inevitably, stress is the by-product that can take its toll on your life.

If you’re feeling the push/pull of a life transition, you don’t have to drown in stress. You can keep your boat afloat and moving toward your highest destination, as you navigate the sea of collective change. You really don’t have to be burdened by stress that doesn’t serve you… (Think of unbalanced weight in the boat that threatens to capsize you… or branches in the water that slow down your progress and throw you off-course.)

The next time you feel anxious about things beyond your control, emotionally overwhelmed, fearful or just plain frantic, stop for a moment. Put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath, tune into how you’re feeling, and ask yourself this…

Is what I’m feeling mine or is it someone else’s?

There is so much ambient angst in the world right now. People are freaking out because they don’t feel equipped to handle the unknown. They’re frustrated. They’re angry. They’re depressed. They’re fearful that they may never find their comfort zone again.

While you may be genuinely feeling some of these things as well, there’s also a tendency (especially among the more sensitive and empathic of us) to internalize other people’s feelings as though they are our own.

If you’ve been taking on other people’s stuff, you may not even realize it. You’ll find, however, that no amount of positive self-talk, psychotherapy, deep breathing, or whatever it is that you do to try and keep yourself balanced, will help. You’ll inevitably continue to fall into a hole of angst and anxiety with no explanation or effective solution for it.

Just the recognition that you’re being affected by someone else’s stuff can be liberating. You free yourself when you realize that you don’t have to do anything about it. You don’t have to do anything about other people’s emotions, anxieties, fears and expectations. Just recognize them for what they are, and let it float by. Don’t take it on. Don’t let it get in your way or weigh you down. And whatever you do, don’t put it in your boat and try to travel downstream with it! It won’t work.

As you become more aware of what you’re feeling that’s not yours, you will become more adept at letting it go. You’ll be less likely to take on new burdens, and you’ll be able to handle the good stress (the stuff that makes your boat float) with more joy and ease.

A good understanding of your Human Design blueprint helps you clarify and release what’s not yours in a very powerful way.

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