Are You a Human Design Generator?

Generators and Manifesting Generators Have the Power to Build Civilizations

Dear Generator (and Manifesting Generator) you make up the 70% of people who have the robust power to build civilizations. Your energy has been coveted throughout the ages because you can accomplish so much.

If the thought of doing even a little more work has you feeling frustrated and ready to throw in the towel, there’s a good reason for it. Your motor can’t go on forever doing things that you just don’t want to do. You easily can get back on track to using your energy to do work that you love by listening to your gut response.

Generator Aura

Trust Your Gut Response

You have the amazing capacity to know yourself at a deep level. It comes out of you in guttural responses that may even surprise you when you turn the brain off and just let it flow. You can trust that these sounds will lead you to your truth, even when your mind is spewing a litany of excuses that seem logical and well-reasoned. Your gut never steers you wrong when you’re listening to it and following it according to your inner timing.

Sad Little Girl

Why You May Be Out of Touch With Your Gut Response

Most Generators have been unwittingly cut off from knowing what they really want from a very young age. If you were one of those children who was told what to do instead of asked… or if you were trained to say “yes ma’am” and “no ma'am” instead of what would naturally come out of your mouth, then you were trained out of the kind of inner knowing that inevitably leads you to success. You can’t blame your parents and teachers for doing what they thought was best for you back then, but there is something you can do about it now.

How to Build a Successful Life and Career That You Love

The mistake that most Generators make is to rush ahead without a real tangible thing to act upon. It’s not your fault. Blame the “just do it” mindset that has brainwashed modern thinking. The good news is, you don’t have to work that hard to make something happen. You’re so attractive when you’re being yourself, that you naturally draw all kinds of people and opportunities to you. The more authentic you are, the more of the right things you attract. But even if you’re not perfectly aligned, you’re still attracting. All that you need to do is pay attention to your response to what’s coming in, and weed out the not so good stuff by listening to your gut.

If you’re reading this and wondering “how the heck do I do all of that?” or “I tried that and it didn’t work.”, you probably need to refine your approach. You’re hardwired with a specific approach to know and act on your deepest desires. When you follow it, you follow yourself into the realm where your work is satisfying and success is inevitable.

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