Behind the Scenes With Sandy Freschi ... Plus a Little Human Design How Human Design Generators Are Meant to Experience Success

How Human Design Generators Are Meant to Experience Success


If you’re a Human Design Generator and you’re feeling frustrated about the level of success you’re experiencing in your work and life, this article is for you. You’re going to get some clues about how you’re hardwired (see your Human Design chart) to be in the flow of your unique brand of success.

In the last article, I mentioned that while traditional Human Design talks about success as a Projector’s theme, we’re going to talk about it in a broader way in this series. Just because Projectors experience success when they’re aligned with their authentic life expression (more on this when we get to the installment on Projectors), doesn’t mean that all other energy types don’t get to experience success in their own unique way.

Generator Success Markers 

As a Generator, you have your own success markers that can be understood through your relationship with work and your emotional theme of satisfaction. They can be summarized as these 3 things.

  • Deep Satisfaction with Work 
  • Consistent Energy to Build and Create 
  • Stair Step Process to Mastery 

Deep Satisfaction with Work 

You feel successful when you’re doing work that’s deeply satisfying. The right work and activities can engage you for long periods of time. This kind of work has a regenerative effect on your system. 

Nothing pleases you more than to spend the day working at something you love. You may be tired at the end of the day, but you’ll fall asleep with a deep sense of satisfaction. The right kind of work ultimately renews your body, mind and spirit. 

Consistent Energy to Build and Create 

Before you jump all over me because you don’t want to be classified as a workhorse, check in with your body. Are you tired and frustrated from doing work that you don’t like? If this is the case, you’re going to resent the fact that you have the motor that generates the energy to sustain material life. Now think about the times when you’ve done things that were truly satisfying… the things that light you up. I bet you felt as though you could go and go and go.

You potentially have unlimited life-force energy when you’re working at things that get your sacral motor going. When you’re in the flow of satisfaction, you sustain and replenish yourself with the creative energy that you naturally produce and exude. 

It’s important for you to work at the right things in the most satisfying way. Engaging in the correct work and activities will preserve your health, contribute to your success, and keep you from experiencing unnecessary frustration. When you feel frustration, your body is giving you the signal that you’re not using your life-force optimally.

Your kind of success is very much about using your physical stamina to build things. The specifics of your design (your gates, channels, energy centers) can give you clues about the types of things you’re best at building. It can range from actual physical structures, to businesses, relationships, and even raising children. When the actions are right for you, your sacral motor gets going, and you naturally have the stamina to sustain what you create. 

Stair Step Process to Mastery

You are here to master the work you do and the life you are building. Your mastery, however, doesn’t usually come all at once. It comes in phases of accelerated progress followed by a plateau. 

When you’ve responded to an opportunity that’s right for you, you’ll notice that you make progress quickly at first. But after a while your progress will level off. You may feel stuck or stalled. That’s when frustration can set in.

If you’re not aware that this is a natural part of your process, you may be tempted to push through when the timing isn’t right… which, btw, can lead to more frustration.  Or you may quit what you’re doing before you get to reap the rewards of your labor. 

If you’re aware and accepting of this aspect of your process, you can relax and wait for other information or guidance to come. Eventually you will attract and respond to the next step, and move toward an even higher level of mastery. 


1. Clarity 

2. Timing 

Clarity – Pay attention to Your Gut Response

The advice to “trust your gut” is meant for Generator energy types. Your gut response is your inner guidance system. In Human Design speak, trusting your gut is synonymous with your sacral response. 

Your gut response (also known as the sacral response) comes out of your mouth spontaneously and rapidly. It may sound like uh huh or un un. The best way to get in touch with your gut response is to get someone to ask you yes and no questions. Then pay attention to what comes out of your mouth. If it’s not a guttural sound, it’s probably not your sacral response. 

Your gut response DOES NOT speak in full sentences. If you are responding with more than just an initial “uh huh” or “un un” utterance, you’ve either bypassed your sacral response or you haven’t been asked the right question. 

Don’t be surprised if your gut response sometimes conflicts with what you think you should do. And remember that your body always knows your truth about what is best for it and the things it wants to take action upon. When you follow it, you put yourself in the flow of your personal success. 

Timing – Wait to Respond and Make Decisions Based on Your Inner Authority

First, let’s talk about what it means to wait to respond. In traditional Human Design speak, this is your strategy for avoiding the type of frustration that comes with acting out of sync with your personal inner knowing.

Don’t try to start something just because you think it’s a good idea. Wait and notice what you’re attracting into your life. Then notice how you’re responding to it. An example of something tangible is when another person makes a suggestion to you. Or you may read, see or hear something that sparks an inner response. 

Your inner response to something tangible that has come your way is a grunt… yes a grunt! It often sounds like “uh huh” or “un un”.  This is your gut speaking to you and giving you the cue to pay attention. 

Following your inner authority is crucial when your inner guidance system is responding correctly. It helps you to understand when, exactly, you have the clarity that you need to take an action that will lead to the satisfaction of success. It has to do with how long you must wait after your sacral responds, before you make your final decision to take actions. 

You’re learning through your Human Design experiment, how to be your own authority so that your actions are 100% aligned with what’s right for you. This part is really important. Generators can have one of two types of authority. Look at your chart to discover which is yours. 

Sacral Authority

If you are a sacral generator (or pure generator), you have a sacral authority. Your gut response happens in the moment. You will either have an “uh huh”, “un un”, or no response at all when you’re presented with a tangible opportunity. 

“Uh huh” for a Generator with a sacral authority, means go for it  now! You must honor your “in the moment” gut response. Your decisions may not make sense to your mind. But when your gut speaks, it means that the timing is right to take action. Those actions will lead you step by step through the building process of your life. 

Emotional Authority

If you are an emotional generator (Your chart could also say “emotional authority”), you aren’t designed to have clarity and truth in the moment. So you need time to be sure that you’re in an even-keeled emotional place before you make your final decision and take action. 

As an emotional generator, you live in a sea of emotions that you may not be fully aware of. Therefore you must wait an adequate amount of time to make sure you’re not reacting to a mood that may change. 

Each point along your emotional cycle reveals something about the decision that you’re considering. Your emotional chemistry may feel like a low grade sense of nervousness. At each stage of the nervousness you will get more information about how you feel about the decision you’re considering. When the nervousness subsides you will have gathered the full picture of your feelings and emotions about the issue. 


Your body always tells the truth about what you really want, through the way it responds to what’s in your life. Follow the “uh huh” / “un un” gutteral responses that come out of your mouth. In other words, follow you gut. 

The inner guidance system of your gut/sacral response is verbalized before you have time to formulate a thought. If you hear words or start talking, you’ve missed your sacral response.

If you have a sacral authority, act on your response in the moment. See where it takes you. You’ll likely take one small step in your life rather than a big quantum leap. Step by step, in each moment of response, you’ll get to the next level of satisfaction which very well could look like success. 

If you have an emotional authority, you are not to be rushed when making a decision. You must have emotional clarity before you take action on what you’re responding to. Feel out your gut response over time to see what you are consistently uttering. You too will take a step once you’re emotionally clear. And each step will lead you closer to the satisfaction that could materialize into success.

Be patient with yourself, especially when you’re in the plateau phase of your mastery. If you’re feeling frustrated or confused about your next steps it would help you to get outside guidance from someone who can see your situation clearly and ask you the right questions that bring you personal clarity. 

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