How to Come Home to Yourself for the Holidays

12 December 2018

There’s an old song by Perry Como called “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays”. Whether or not that’s good or beneficial is open to interpretation. Many people celebrate the holidays by going back to the nostalgia of childhood or by visiting people from their past. We often think that by going back we will find something comforting and relaxing that allows us to be ourselves, but ironically that is often not the case.

When we celebrate the holidays with people or in places that we once knew, we are often triggered into becoming the person we used to be. We may unwittingly resurrect old wounds or try to live up to old expectations from days gone by. Couple that with the collective stress that’s brought on by other peoples’ “ghosts of Christmas past”, and you could find yourself swimming in a soup of inner distress that’s probably not entirely of your own making.

In the Human Design circles, this is known as a form of conditioning. If you’re sensitive and empathic, you’re probably very susceptible to internalizing the wounds and stresses of others. And during the holiday season you may find that you struggle to experience holiday joy. You know you want to be your true, loving, compassionate self at this time, but with so much going on around you to trigger your own conditioning, it may be hard to come back to your own internal home… where all your joy resides.

Here are some tips to help get back to home inside yourself, as you navigate the collective holiday conditioning…

Recognize when you’re being influenced by the “ghosts of Christmas past”

If you’re exhibiting any of these behaviors, you are probably in the conditioning field of holiday ghosts, old triggers and other people’s stress…

  • Outside circumstances influence your happiness
  • You feel defensive about your lifestyle
  • Other people upset you
  • You slip in to a pattern of over eating, over drinking or some other numbing behavior
  • You feel misunderstood or in some way unacknowledged by your family and this bothers you
  • You become your parent’s child once again or take on immature behaviors from earlier times in your life
  • You take on too much and get resentful about it
  • You become frazzled, grouchy or exhausted when you’re in crowds

What to do about it:

The system of Human Design holds clues about how you are affected by conditioning and other people’s energy. It holds clues about what you can do to come back home to yourself. Go to the Human Design Kit to learn more.