How to Create Abundance from Exhaustion

01 November 2018

One of the first things I explore with clients when they’re struggling with creating abundance, is the level to which they’re exhausted and burned out. We usually look at their Human Design chart to discover how they can better align with their energy to recover, and eventually create more abundance.

As a general principle, you can’t be creative and abundant if you’re depleted and burned out. You just don’t have the energy to put in the game. And in those cases, you have to stop and wait, relax and rest. Eventually your body rejuvenates and you fill up again.

While this principle is true, the other vital component to abundance creation is the ability to be receptive. There is a gift that comes with exhaustion which can set the stage for receiving like nothing else can.

If you really embrace your exhaustion, allow it, and surrender to it, you’ll find that it empties you out and puts you in a place of deep receptivity. But many people fight it, and never get to that place of full-on emptiness. And it’s the emptiness that creates a big space to receive something new.

Over the weekend I participated in a healing arts expo. Normally these events are energizing, but it came on the heels of several weeks of unexpected stressful exertion. I hadn’t had time to recover before attending it.

The Monday morning after the expo, I lay in bed for a good hour or more, listening to the feel of my body. You know that limp dishrag kind of feeling that you get when you don’t have any more to give?That’s what my body felt like. I was utterly and completely depleted. So I just laid there.

When I finally got up to start my day, I knew it would be a while… hours, days, maybe even weeks … before the full creative force of my energy would return. It was at this point that I began to consider the gift that I had been given through my exhaustion. Here was an opportunity to be completely empty and receptive!

I’ve been down this road too many times to fool myself into believing that I could push it (especially as a Projector). So instead, I surrendered. There was no self-talk around what I “should” be doing. I totally and completely honored my rhythm. I leaned into the feeling of depletion. I embraced it and let it tell me what it wanted me to know.

I slept. I meditated. I hydrated. I took long baths and slow walks…and fed myself the most nutritious and convenient food I could. And, most importantly, I only did the bare minimum of things to keep life together on the outside.

Perhaps it sounds like luxury to you, but it really was a necessity. And yes, some of the monkey mind thoughts did attempt to creep in… you know… the “I’ve got so much to do thoughts”. When they crept in, I reminded myself that a car can’t go on a long trip without filling up for gas. I kept seeing myself at the gas pump, waiting for the attendant to turn it on.

Around 2:00 pm the next day, my energy came back. The emptiness that I fully embraced, was beginning to fill up with all kinds of inspiration. I had the energy to sit at my desk in small spurts and do a few of the necessary things for my business. I had the energy to document my inspirations for when the time is right to implement them.

I’m still not completely full. I’m still listening to where I need to stay still and empty. But I’m not trying to fill myself up with the busyness that could keep me from receiving more of the good stuff into my life.

I only share this with you to illustrate what happens when you surrender to exhaustion. If you’ve been fatigued for a while, it may take you longer than a day and a half to recover. It may be difficult to stay in a place of emptiness and receptivity. But consider the alternative…

If you fight it, you put defenses up that delay your renewal. If you ignore your body and push on, you’re not stopping to receive the full abundance of energy that you need to create more abundance in life.

So please stop fighting. Please listen to your body. It needs you to stop from time to time, to be completely empty for a while, so that you can be filled up again.

Your exhaustion can become part of the cycle of the renewal that fuels the engine of your life. Embrace it. Master it. Appreciate it for the gift it brings.