How to Ride the “New Normal” of Change

17 August 2018

Raise your hand if your life has been disrupted by sudden or unexpected change? If we were all in a room together, most of us would probably have our hands up.

Have you noticed that change seems to be the new normal? How are you adapting? Are you riding gracefully through life’s ups and downs? Or are you holding your breath, and waiting for the next shoe to drop?

A certain perfection arises when you can ride through life in a flexible way. That doesn’t mean that it’s never beneficial to have a specific focus or intention. Just don’t get too attached to how it shows up or what it looks like.

There’s great power in your focus. Your focus creates new worlds. However it may not be the world you thought you were creating.

Stay open and relax. Create the space within you that brings about just the right thing at the right time. While it might not seem like it at first, you may discover that you got just what you needed in the way that you needed it, to move gracefully through the next wave of change.

Change doesn’t have to be devastatingly destructive. It can help you crack open your brilliance, when focus upon living these important things…

1. Be true to yourself.

2. Trust your inner wisdom.

3. Live from your strengths.

You are hardwired to be resilient. You could say that it’s in your genes. Your Human Design genetic blueprint helps you to live with resilience by confirming your truth, affirming your wisdom and showing you how to live from your strengths.