Emotions and Human Design

Understanding Your Emotional Operating System - The Solar Plexus Center

Do You Get Overwhelmed in Emotionally Charged Situations?

Do Emotions Cloud Your Judgment When You Need to Make a Decision?

What if you could navigate emotionally sticky situations with greater understanding, grace, and ease?

You can when you understand how you're hardwired to work with emotional energy.

Everything about your Human Design chart points to the notion that when you use your energy in the way it was intended, you experience more clarity and fewer bumps and bruises along your journey through life.

This course empowers you with the knowledge of how emotions really work so that you can learn to work with your emotional operating system in an authentic way.

What You Need to Know to Get Unstuck from Old Emotional Patterns

Emotions Aren't Personal

What we feel as emotions are chemical reactions that are produced in our bodies in response to some sort of stimulus... touch, words, even our own thoughts. When you take what you feel personal and act upon it without awareness you can create a lot of misunderstanding and drama.

Emotions and Human Design shows you (in a very visual way) how NOT personal emotions are.

There Are Two Emotional Operating Systems

Half of the people in the world are designed to emit emotions. The other half is designed to take emotions in from the outside and amplify them. Operating from the wrong system creates havoc in your life.

You Can Eliminate Many Challenges in Your Life by Understanding Your Emotional Operating System

When emotional emitters understand how to work with their emotional cycles they make better decisions that lead to less frustration, anger and bitterness.

When emotional amplifiers learn how to manage the emotions they feel from others they reduce the conflict and drama in their lives while also unleashing their empathic superpowers.

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What You'll Learn

Mechanics of Emotion

Available Now!

Part 1 - Mechanics of Emotion

Learn about the two emotional operating systems and how they work.

  • Find out if you are you an emotional emitter or amplifier.

  • Discover the most important thing you need to know about each system to understand how they operate effectively.
  • Get new insights into how emotionally charged situations get out of hand.

  • Learn the basics of how to manage your emotions effectively and in the way you are designed.

Emotional Wave

Coming in Spring 2019

Part 2 - Emotional Emitters and the Emotional Wave

Discover how emotional emitters can ride through their emotional cycles to find deep clarity and awareness.

  • Get insight into how you deeply affect others.

  • Understand the cycles of your emotional ups and downs.

  • Learn about the 3 different types of emotional waves.

  • Begin to craft an understanding of how your personal emotional wave works.

Emotional Amplifyers

Coming in Spring 2019

Part 3 - Emotional Amplifiers, Openness and Empathy

Discover how emotional amplifiers can develop deep wisdom and their gift of emotional empathy

  • Get insight into how you're deeply affected by emotional energy.

  • Understand your potential self-protective mechanisms and how they impair your gift of emotional empathy.

  • Learn the basic steps to becoming a master at managing emotions without being overwhelmed by them.

One time fee for all 3 modules and bonuses.