Genius Report Consultations

Human Design for Business and Career Success

Embrace Your True Genius for Business and Career Success

You can advance your entrepreneurial business or your corporate career when you know who you are, why you're here, and how to leverage your energy to shine brightly in the world. Your true genius is encoded within you, and it's waiting to emerge. We use advanced Human Design software from to generate a report that reveals your inner genius in business, work, and career.

Your Initial Genius Report Consultation

Detailed Genius Report

This report synthesizes the most advanced information from your Human Design chart. It reveals to you many key aspects of how you're designed to work successfully in the world. People have used their Genius Report as a resume to get hired for their dream jobs.

Genius Report Consultation

This is where we use the information in your Genius Report to help you make sense of your next career steps. You discover how to optimize your approach to your work so that your true genius shines through. We meet via a recorded Zoom call that you can keep to review after the consultation.

Follow Up Support

You have access to follow up support via email for one month after your consultation. Often questions come up as you integrate the information that's revealed to you. It's great to have someone you can contact to get a quick question answered.

How We Proceed

Step 1 - Order Your Session

Use this link to order your Genius Report Consulting Session. Book your live session at least 3-4 days ahead so that you have time to receive and read through your written Genius Report.

You will receive your Genius Report by email within 24 hours of ordering your session. You will get the Zoom link for your live meeting in a confirmation email.

Step 2 - Live Meeting

Now is where the fun begins!We get to meet live via Zoom to look over your Genius Report, explore your Human Design force-field, and pull out the most pertinent information about your design that will move you closer to a more fulfilling experience in your business, job, or career.

Our meeting lasts about an hour. You will have the opportunity to record it for future reference. We may explore your current concerns using some elements of traditional Human Design as well as the Genius Report. This is a highly customized experience that's designed to activate your potential by illuminating the insights that you're ready to have.

Step 3 - Follow Up Support

When it comes to deepening your clarity, we're just an email away. As you review your report and the recording of our live session, you may find that you have questions. You get one month of complimentary email access to get your questions answered as you apply your insights to your life and business.

If you find that you need to hash out ideas, brainstorm solutions, or develop an aspect of your genius in order to move forward, additional live sessions can be arranged for an additional fee.

Pricing - $225

Pricing - $180 (Consultation Without Genius Report)