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How to Get Your Free Human Design Chart

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What is Human Design?

Why is Human Design Important?

Get Your Human Design Chart

How to Get a Free Human Design Chart without Subscribing to Someone's Email List

Normally when you request a copy of your Human Design chart, you're also subscribing to someone's email list. There is nothing wrong with this if you really want to follow the person. But what if you want to do a little more research before allowing someone into your email inbox?

There are multiple ways to get a free Human Design chart without subscribing to someone's email list. This video introduces you to several different chart programs that you can use to run your chart and the charts of your loved ones.

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What is Human Design?

Overview of Human Design

Human Design maps out your personal genetic and energetic information through a combination of astrology, the chakras, the Kabbalah tree of life and the I’Ching.

Knowing your design helps you to understand how you can stay true to yourself as you interact with others and the world around you.

This video, an excerpt from "How to Decipher Your Human Design Chart", is a quick beginning explanation of Human Design.

Why is Human Design Important?

What Human Design Can Do for You...

  • Activates deeper self-awareness

  • Brings you to a place of self-acceptance

Gives you the tools to...

  • Be authentic regardless of what others think
  • Trust yourself to make the right decisions at the right time
  • Become less vulnerable to stress
  • Worry less about your direction in life

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