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Concise and Clear Guidance About Your Human Design Chart

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Entry Level Human Design Success Reading

Get a practical understanding of your Human Design chart in a way that shows you how you're here to experience and create success. This reading is right for you if you're new to Human Design and want to cut through the confusing lingo to get to the core message about how you can be successful as your energy type.

  • Human Design Success Report - A hand-written report about your specific type, strategy, decision making authority, and profile. The report focuses on delivering this very important information to you in plain English (without the Human Design lingo) so that you can understand how you're designed to create success in your life.
  • Pre-Recorded 30 Minute Human Design Reading - to look at what you need to know about the deeper aspects of your chart, (such as gates,channels and energy centers), within the context of your current life concerns.
  • Email Access for One Month After Your Reading - to answer your lingering questions about the reading for up to one month after your one-to-one session
  • Opportunity to add on a one-to-one private session - to get your questions answered and be coached on your most pressing issues (additional fee applies)
  • Access to the Resource Portal - where you can binge on Sandy's best content and be kept in the loop for upcoming personal growth opportunities

How it Works

  1. Within 24 hours or ordering your reading, you will get an personal email from me with an estimate of when your written Success Report and recordig will be completed. It usually takes 5-7 business days (depending on how many people have ordered in that timeframe).
  2. Your report and recording will be emailed to you when it's completed.
  3. If you ordered added on a one-to-one private session, a link will be provided in that email to schedule your appointment.


  • Entry Level Reading $97 (report and recording only)
  • Entry Level Reading w/ Private Session $177 (report, recording and 30 minute private session)


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What Others Have To Say About Sandy's Readings

Over the years, several people have offered me Human Design readings, and explained their understanding of the HD system. Of all of them, I felt that Sandy described Human Design in the most easy to understand, interesting way for me.

She is a dedicated professional and really cares about her network.

Thank you Sandy for all that you do!

George K.

Authentic Business Coach

I got so much out of my initial meeting with Sandy, for my personal life and my business. I'm a life coach and intuitive-healer in training and was curious about how Human Design could help me. The chart validated a lot of my experience and with it,

Sandy gave me some great practical advice for how I can bring more ease to my life, given my chart. Specifically, I got tips for how best to process information, make decisions, and manage relationships with clients, collaborators, and loved ones.

I'm so grateful to have connected with Sandy and to know that I can call on her support when I'm struggling!

Noelle J.

Life Coach and Healer

Hi Sandy, thank you for your amazing reading last week! As a total newbie to Human Design, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the information online. But you made it clear and personal. Loved it!

Linda N.

Web Designer

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