Thrive in Your Relationships

Do you want to know what makes your relationship click? Are there things about your relationship that you'd like to improve?

When two people connect as loved ones, co-workers, friends, or family, the relationship takes on a life of its own. It has its own set of dynamics that create feelings of attraction, annoyance, support, compatibility, and challenge. It's important to understand these dynamics and how to work with them in the healthiest way.

A Human Design relationship reading shows you the relationship dynamics that you need to navigate so that you can be yourself and thrive. By seeing and understanding how the energy of your relationship works you can become more accepting of the other person and more wise about how to best use your energy when connecting with them.

Relationship Qualities

Strengths, challenges, compatibility, attraction, bonding styles

Get Your Needs Met

What you and your partner need to feel fulfilled

Communication Tips

How to improve your communication with each other.

Relationship Consultations

All consultations include...

  • Pre-Recorded Custom Video Reading. If you are new to Human Design the video will be an introduction to your chart exclusively.
  • Relationship Composite Charts for all people
  • Your Individual Human Design Chart
  • Live One-to-One Integration Session (Time varies according to needs)

Packages vary according to your level of experience with Human Design and the number of composites you want to explore. Inquire here.