Is DIY Productive and Abundant When We Can Rely on Each Other?

03 October 2018

The popular trend of DIY (do it yourself) reinforces the mindset of rugged independence. Homesteaders, homemakers, creatives and crafters find great satisfaction in the notion that they can create projects, and possibly a lifestyle, that doesn’t involve the help of other people. Is this necessarily the best way to approach life when you want to be productive and create abundance?

My Grandmother was a DIY’er to the extreme. She was also a survivor of the Great Depression. I watched her make the proverbial silk purse out of a sow’s ear on a daily basis. She was the poster child for rugged independence, and prided herself on the creative ways that she could “make do” with what she had. She was also not very happy much of the time. She felt isolated, and struggled with depression. I can’t help but wonder what would’ve been different if she was able to receive more assistance and support.

The reason I bring this up, is because I was out painting my house the other day… yes on a high ladder with a paint brush and a bucket of paint. I remembered the time that my Grandmother (with whom I lived during most of my childhood) painted our house. She fell off the ladder and sprained her ankle so badly that she was unable to walk on it for what seemed like many months. Still she insisted on nursing her injury on her own, while the remainder of the house went without paint.

While I was on my ladder, gingerly balancing myself in an attempt to not repeat her history, I fully acknowledged that there’s a point where DIY may not always be the most productive way to go. It may not save money or time or elevate your sense of wellbeing.

In my case, I actually enjoy painting. It’s a meditation. It’s a time to connect with divine guidance and to work on manifesting the inspiration and support that I need for other projects that I don’t love. And at this point in time, it’s also a necessity.

We’re preparing for a big move. The house needs to be painted. The weather has not cooperated. The funds aren’t there to spring for professional painter. I was trained by a professional. I can work in spurts between the raindrops, use my latent skill, get it done a little at a time, and enjoy a sort of smug feeling of accomplishment that comes with the illusion that painting a house at age 55 is some sort of extreme sport.

As an aside … How a Splenic Projector paints a house… All supplies are perpetually laid out on the back porch for easy access for when the moment is right to pick up the paintbrush and go.

Husband sets up the ladder. Projector goes up the ladder, applies the paint and comes down. Husband moves the ladder to the next location…. Repeat as often as needed.

Projector tries to paint for as long as possible (because she doesn’t know when enough is enough), but her body won’t let her. She quits, takes a shower, possibly a nap, then goes out to dinner because she’s tired and doesn’t want to cook.

Projector recuperates for a few days, then repeats the process when the right moment strikes, and as the weather and cooperation of husband permits.

There are other things that need to happen during this move that require more sustained energy, time and expertise that I don’t have. That’s where other people come in. That’s where it’s good to know my own strengths and the strengths of others around me. That’s where it’s necessary to be innovative and creative in other ways, to get support and be productive. That’s the expression of true abundance.

From a Human Design perspective, all energy types need others to help them accomplish certain things.

The energy types who don’t have sustainable work energy (the Manifestors, Projectors and Reflectors) need the Generators and Manifesting Generators to do the heavy lifting at times. Manifestors will get them started. Projectors will guide their process. And Reflectors will reflect to them how they’re doing.

Generators and Manifesting Generators thrive on doing the kind of satisfying work that makes their sacral motor hum. A few of them have responded to my desire for assistance, hopefully not because they “think” they should, but because their sacral center wisely guided them.

So as I balanced my Projector body up on that ladder on Saturday, I used the time and solitude to set the stage for how I’m going to guide the Generators and Manifesting Generators who have volunteered to help me with this move.

I find great joy in being independent when it serves my sense of accomplishment. I also find great joy in being interdependent when I need help to get something done. I feel more abundant and rich when I’m connected with and feel supported by others… especially when engaged in something that’s challenging for me.

How about you? Do you feel more productive and abundant when you’re receiving support from others? Or do you enjoy the rugged independence of DIY?