Leverage Group Coaching (Beta)

Time and Energy Management by Design

Do you ever look up at the end of the day and wonder what you did with your time?

Are you finding it hard to take care of yourself because you’re busy taking care of others?

Is it exhausting to pursue your dreams and maintain your life at the same time?

Leverage is a concentrated (6 week) group coaching and mentoring program that helps you increase your productivity without sacrificing your self-care, your sanity, or your Human Design strategy.

Prerequisite: You must have a familiarity with your Human Design chart and be consciously following your strategy and authority

If you can relate, this group is for you…

Most likely you’re a person who’s designed to be inconsistent in some sort of way. You may struggle with procrastination, persistent burnout, or with feeling like you can’t get traction in certain areas of your life. The practice of strategy and authority helps you to use your energy more wisely, but if you’re designed to wait for something… like an invitation, a gut response or emotional clarity… you could be wasting your waiting time on activities that drain your energy and keep you distracted from what’s truly important in your life.

How the Leverage group can help...

In the “Leverage” group program you get to create a personalized time and energy management system that works for your design. As you discover how easy it is to leverage your energy to make the most of your time, the heavy lifting of trying to get things done will become a light, strategic dance that aligns you with your innate flow.

What you gain...

  • Learn to use tried-and-true time management techniques to support the unique way that you’re designed to use your energy
  • Transform procrastination into a high art that increases your productivity
  • Make the most of your waiting time by learning to identify and focus upon what matters to you the most
  • Increase your attention and focus by working strategically in a way that energizes rather than drains you

What you get...

  • 6 weekly group meetings that are recorded to review at your leisure
  • Weekly assignments to enhance the topic of each group meeting
  • A resource list to supplement and enhance your personal exploration
  • Supporting materials, as needed, about Human Design and energy management
  • Accountability as you develop your personal time/energy management system

Preliminary list of topics...

  • Procrastination and the pressure centers
  • Energy drains and tolerations that keep you from using your energy efficiently
  • How to do less and get more done
  • Set yourself up for success everyday
  • Create a to-do and not-do list that works for you
  • Introduction to “divine time management”

(Beta Price) - $97

Tentative Start Date: Week of October 14th