Human Design Life Cycle Reports

Advanced Reports about the Significant Turning Points in Your Life

Make the Most of the Significant Turning Points in Your Life.

These reports are for people who have had a Human Design reading or have done extensive self-study. Preferably, we have worked together in the past, and you have a firm working relationship with your strategy and authority.

The life cycle reports are NOT computer generated. They are handwritten reports that are synthesized from the relevant markers in your personal Human Design chart. Your report gives you something concrete and tangible to refer to as you work through the themes of your particular life cycle.

Report Only - $95

Report with Half Hour Private Session - $175 (A link to schedule your private session will be sent to you with the completed report.)

Allow 7-10 days for delivery

Currently a 1 Month Wait Time


Solar Return Report - Birthday(up to 3 months before or after)

Every year the sun revisits the place in the sky where it was at the time of your birth.This marker ushers in new opportunities for growth and expansion via themes that you live out with others during the 12 months after your birthday. A Solar Return Report reveals your personal annual themes for growth and expansion during the coming year.


Saturn Return Report -Turning 30(especially helpful for 6th line profiles)

If you're age 28-32, this is a time in your life when you're making your way into full adulthood. The Saturn return report shows you the challenges and opportunities that will be showing up to support you in creating a strong adult foundation


Turning 40 - Uranus Opposition Report(for everyone except 6th line profiles)

At age 38-42 the themes in your life begin to shift. You've mastered what it means to be an adult, and now your questions start to turn to how you can derive more meaning from your life. The Uranus Opposition is the time that was traditionally known as the "mid-life crisis", as many people are compelled to make big life changes. This report explores how the themes in your life may be shifting, and what opportunities and challenges are showing up to drive you to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.


Turning 50 - Chiron Return Report(especially helpful for 6th line profiles)

Ages 48-52 can be challenging. It's a time of emerging fully into your life purpose. However, it's often necessary to revisit themes in life that require healing, before you can flower into your full purpose. The Chiron Return Report explores the themes of your emergence and flowering, along with what may come up for healing at this time.

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