Life Purpose and the Three Ring Circus

15 November 2017

Last weekend I attended the 5th Annual Human Design Conference which was hosted by Karen Curry Parker. There was a lot of talk there about fulfilling your life purpose.

All that talk about purpose reminded me of something someone said to me long ago…

“You can fulfill your purpose while living in a three ring circus.”

When you look at the Human Design chart, purpose is right at the top of the chart. You can’t help but live it! It’s programmed into you. It’s expressed, as we discussed during the conference, through who you are and how you “be”.

So the question is… Do you really want to live the three ring circus experience while fulfilling your purpose? Or is there a less chaotic, higher experience that you can have?

The mechanics of how you’re “wired” to use your energy efficiently, to live from your strengths and make the most of your innate abilities, is all there in the chart.