Managing Stress with Human Design

04 September 2018

As the world seems to speed up, you may be feeling more stress. And while you probably have some ways of managing stress, you can dramatically improve your coping skills by understanding the way you process energy through your body/mind system.

Let’s refer to your Human Design chart for some insight about how you may deal with energy in a way that could increase your stress. Then through that insight, you will discover ways to begin to manage that stress in a more healthy way.

One of the causes of stress is the tendency to take on other people’s stuff… i.e. their energy, moods, attitudes etc., and perhaps take it personally, or feel like you have to do something about it. This will lead you to take actions that aren’t necessarily the best for you. One way that to get insight into this dynamic, is to look at your undefined energy centers on your Human Design chart.

The undefined centers are in white on your Human Design chart. When you have undefined centers in your chart… and most people have a few … you will take energy in from others in your environment, feel that energy very deeply, amplify and possibly distort it. The distortion of the energy is where you get yourself into stress. This is what pushes you to make inaccurate assumptions, take unhealthy actions or even just internalize the stress until negatively affects your health.


Each energy center processes a different type of energy, and therefore has a different way of feeling stress when you are distorting or internalizing it.

Here is a series of videos to help you get a feel for how the way you work with your design affects the way you manage stress.

Some topics that are covered:

Pressure to Be Free

Worry and Stress

Mental Anxiety

Fear and Survival

Emotional Stress

Work Stress

Making and Breaking Promises

Who Loves Me? Who am I? Where am I Going?

Feeling Invisible