Much Ado About Doing - What's Mine to Do?

13 April 2017

What if you could accomplish more of what is most important to you by understanding and doing only what's yours to do?

You probably already know that we live in a society that likes to be busy ... or at least look busy. Being busy doing the right things, with the right people, at the right time feels amazing. But if all the things you're doing are sucking the life-force from your veins it's time to take another look at what's yours to do.

A very wise Human Design Projector friend often uses the term... "What's mine to do". But it doesn't just apply to the Projector energy type. All energy types can benefit from learning how they're designed to discern what to do...

Let's look at how each energy type can get sidetracked by distractions that keep them from sinking into the amazing feeling of being in the zone of authentic contribution. If you have your Human Design chart you can follow along. If not, you can get yours (along with a lot of other great info) by signing up for the Human Design Kit.

Generators get sidetracked when they're not acting according to their sacral (gut) response. Generators thrive on activity and work. But they can get stuck doing the wrong work or doing things that drain them, because they "think" they should be doing them. Meanwhile their built in gut response is probably going "un un".

  • The way a Generator discerns what's theirs to do is by trusting and following the "un huh" and "un un" sounds that they naturally vocalize when there is something for them to respond to. If there is nothing to respond to, there is nothing that has to be done.

Manifestors get sidetracked when they hold themselves back from taking action after they're clear about what action to take. They meet with resistance when they don't inform others, who are impacted, of their actions before they take them. They get bogged down and drained when they try to consistently follow through on work that they start.

  • The way a Manifestor keeps from getting bogged down in what's not theirs to do is by delegating. Manifestors are here to get things started, to initiate others into following through with the work, and then turning over the work to others so that they can start something else.

Projectors get sidetracked and exhausted when they stick their attention into people and places where it doesn't belong. It's not the Projector's fault. Their energy field is actually made that way, so that they can effectively guide others (usually Generators) in their work. Projectors are not designed to perform ongoing physical activities without frequent breaks and rest periods. They know how others can best do their work, but they're not always able to see how they must manage their own activities. Therefore they may overwork until they are depleted and burned out.

  • The way a Projector can discern what's theirs to do is by waiting for invitations into the things that require a major amount of energy. While they're waiting they can watch others and become wise about who recognizes them for their wisdom. This helps to give them perspective on who and what will benefit from the depth of their attention.

Reflectors can get sidetracked very easily, because they are the energy type that is the most influenced by the changes in their environment. They reflect what's going on with others and with their surroundings. When they don't feel good it means that their environment and the people in it are not good for them. Because they reflect what's going on around them, they may jump from activity to activity if they're in a quickly changing environment.

  • Reflectors can discern what's theirs to do by taking at least a month to make a major decisions and changes. They need that time to feel through all of the influences that are affecting them before they can become clear on the right action to take.

Decision Making Authority - Refining the Process of Discernment: Along with your strategy for discernment (as outlined above), you also have a specific decision making strategy. It is the way that you can refine your decision making process to have more clarity. When you look on your Human Design chart, you will see your decision making strategy under the heading of "authority". Every decision making authority has to do with the timing of your decisions and what you're doing to get clear if your timing involves waiting. We will explore the various decision making strategies (authorities) in future posts.