Reboot Your Multidimensional Super Computer

4 May 2020

In case you haven't noticed, we're in the middle of an unprecedented dimensional shift in consciousness. We can no longer function from the purely physical, emotional, and mental planes of awareness.

The mind ... meaning the totality of our consciousness that's filtered through our brain and heart (I know, it's an incomplete description at best) can do amazing things when it's used correctly and functions in harmony with the body.

Human Design relaxes the mind so that it's free to do its super computing.... attracting just the right people and circumstances to you so that you can have more ease in your life. But here's the thing...

These new energies that have cracked open for us in this "pandemic shift", are allowing us access to so much more super computing power than ever before. And with all that power, you could experience way more disruption to your status quo of ease.

Disruption in your ease => Instability in your timeline
Instability in your timeline => Less ease and empowerment

There are all kinds of possible timelines available to us right now. (Just look at the fear and negativity in the mainstream if you want to know which timeline you don't want to be on.) All of the suffering that's going on "out there" does not have to be your reality. But if you don't want to take suffering with you, you have to reboot your mind.

There are lots of energetic / spiritual technologies that can help you do this. I don't want to diverge down the path of naming them here. I just want you to know that you can reboot by doing two things...

  1. Interrupt the pattern
  2. Neutralize your perception

In this era of pandemic disruption, we've done a pretty good job, collectively, of interrupting the global patterns of human existence. You've probably had some experiences of late that have shed new light on your personal patterns. So once you see the pattern, you do something different. That's the interruption part.

The most potent patterns you can interrupt have to do with fear. Become aware of what you do, say, or think when you're feeling fear. Then do, say, or think something different.

As the 12-step programs say... "change a thought with a thought or a thought with an action." It's just that simple.

You don't have to go all out with your life-changing thoughts and actions. Something as small as taking a deep breath before you react can create a significant shift that allows something new to emerge. The point is to shake it up. Don't go to the default.

Neutralizing your perception can be a bit tricky because you don't always know that you're biased. There's nothing wrong with being biased when you need to stick with a certain focus or vision until it materializes. But just be aware that if you don't drop into the neutral space you never get to see what else is possible. And you're always creating from the same cloth. Sure, you may have a brand new shirt, but it's made from the same fabric as last year's shirt.

There are all kinds of jedi mind tricks you can use to see life from a neutral perspective. All of them require you to look within and recognize that nothing has meaning except for the meaning that you give it. From there, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to recognize what meaning... i.e. bias ... you've given toward certain circumstances and people. But that's only the half of it...

When you truly understand that you're the one who's giving meaning to everything in your life, you suddenly have the power to make new meaning!

New meaning = New potentials = New outcomes ... hence the new timeline

Before you go filling up your neutral perception with new meaning, take some time to drop everything that you thought was true about your identity, your life, and the world as you think it should be.

Just be in the empty space for a while. Look at what you're seeing in the world as though you've never seen it before. And see yourself as though you've never seen yourself before. Then wait and see what emerges.

Let the reboot begin!​​

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