New Moon in Libra Gate 18 - The Universe Just Gave You a Do-Over

1 October 2019

Do you ever wish that you could just start over and create a whole new life? Maybe you feel like you're mired down in old karma... those choices that you made when you didn't know yourself as well as you do now... Maybe you've discovered a whole bunch of stuff that doesn't work and needs to be corrected.

Well, guess what? You've been seamlessly supported over the past few days to start down a new path of course corrections that will be almost like a do-over.

The astrological / Human Design transit energies have recently presented us with an opportunity to make a fresh set of course corrections. The new moon in Libra that occurred on September 28th heralded in energetic influences that to support you in creating a better balance in your life. This new and better balance comes with a little kick, courtesy of the Human Design gate 18 (the gate of corrections)!

When the new moon moved through the gate 18, it opened the door to nudge us into recognizing that perfection can be obtained by making step by step, logical corrections that eventually allow us to master what brings us joy. How cool is that? But wait, it gets better...

The gate 18's influence started before the new moon transit and continues into tomorrow! The sun has been riding through the gate of corrections since the day before the new moon. So the metaphorical moon and sun placements over the past few days can be understood like this...

There's an opportunity to see what needs to be corrected
and to crack the door open to a new beginning that helps us make those deep corrections that will ultimately bring more balance into our lives and onto the planet.

If you've been feeling the need to make a change and haven't been sure about the next logical steps, watch for what is presented to you in the next few weeks. You may very well get experiences, opportunities, invitations, and inspiration that make the next logical steps clear. Your course corrections will come with less resistance when you remember to stay true to your strategy and to listen to your authority as you move upon your pat

Let's Take this Ride!

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