New Year by Design Success Strategy

30 December 2018

Often people start the new year by attempting to reinvent themselves.

What if... instead of trying to create a new you in the new year ... you simply be the you that you're designed to be?

You are designed with a unique combination of strengths and powers that you must use and share. All you need to do to bring them out is to...
  • Embrace your uniqueness
  • Live from your design
  • Love yourself no matter what
  • Not get distracted you from your authentic path by other people's agendas

When you do these things, you realize that new year resolutions often come from outside agendas. And they only lead to broken promises, disappointment and less self-love.

2019 can be the year when you fulfill your purpose in the most delicious way.

So stop letting the outsiders (other people in your aura) call the shots. You wield a tremendous amount of creative power within yourself to live life in your own way, in alignment with your design's unique agenda.

2019 New Year Intention

Live Your Life by Your Design in 2019

New Year by Design Strategy Session

Based on Your Human Design and Strategy

Establish the best way to focus your energy in the new year to be at ease and make better use of your gifts.

Get unstuck from your sticking points, so that you can be more of the magnificent person you already are.

We will look at...
  • Where you are in your Human Design journey and what steps to take to become more aligned with your design.
  • Strategies for leveraging your energy and your gifts in the coming year.
We may also look at ...
  • Specific issues (i.e. health, money, relationships, business etc)
  • Upcoming trends
Included as a Bonus!
Make Your Life a Masterpiece 2018 small
When you schedule your New Year by Design Strategy Session you will get access to "Make Your Life a Masterpiece"
This is a self-paced experience, complete with
  • 26 page workbook
  • 14 audio recordings to guide you through the workbook

This is a program to support you in bringing out your creativity, so that you can gather the gifts from your old year and carry them into your new year in a masterful way.

2 Parts - Organized in an Easy to Follow Format

Part 1: Year-End Reflections
Part 2: New Year Creation