Is it Ok to Have No Energy?

16 October 2019

Have you have been struggling lately with not having enough energy to do the things that you think you need to do? If so, let’s explore, from the human design perspective, what that’s about and whether or not that’s ok with you.

The other day on my Facebook page, someone commented that they don't even have the energy to do good self-care. And while this is a valid point I would venture to say that not doing anything is self-care in this case. Have you ever felt this way? If so, did you allow yourself to do nothing? If you allowed yourself to do nothing, was that ok with you?

Is okay not to have energy to do things?

There’s this big value that we place upon getting stuff done, on being productive, on making sure that you accomplish things, that you live up to the promises that you make. And of course, seven eights of us on the planet are not even designed to make promises. It doesn't benefit us because we don't have the energy to follow through a lot of times on those promises. But there's this programming within the conditioning field that lulls us into believing that we've got to be doing something.

There's this big value placed upon always having to be busy, always having to at least look like you're busy. When I was in the Navy, that was something that was running in the background, even if you had nothing to do. And there was a lot of standing around and waiting… waiting to be mobilized, to do your job. But in that standing around and waiting time, there was always this pressure to look like you're busy, even if you're not.

That kind of programming is such a sham. When we look at the cycles of the planet and we look at the seasonal cycles…here in the Northern hemisphere we're into fall and we're going into winter… the earth doesn't produce plants during winter. The trees and the grass don’t grow in the winter. The earth is dormant because it’s taking a break. We too, regardless of our energy types and the way that our designs are, have our seasons when we need to be dormant.

if you're spending your dormant time, your time when you need to prepare and relax and rejuvenate and bask in your bliss,( which is something that really helps us to stay connected to the eternal energy that flows through us.); if you're spending your time worrying about or judging yourself, because you don't have the energy to pack yourself a lunch or to get up and exercise or to send that next email right now, you're wasting your time. You're wasting your dormant time.

What I mean by dormant time is the times when your body is telling you, Hey, take 10 minutes, take an hour, take a day, take a week off. If you're not allowing yourself to follow that rhythm and you're judging yourself because you don't have energy, then you're actually using energy that you don't have. You may be trying to get energy through worry and pushing yourself even harder.

Projector and Reflector energy types don't really have motorized energy that gets up to your throat to do things. You don't have a defined sacral motor like Generators and Manifesting Generators, so there's no consistent access to the energy to sustain work. So I just want to open the door on the suggestion to let yourself off the hook because, if you don't have a defined sacral center and you don't have motorized energy that gets to your throat, you are not here to do things in the way that the generators and manifesting generators are here to do things.

That doesn't mean that you can't do when the time is right to do and the energy is there for you to do when the conditions are right. It doesn’t mean that you won't ever have energy. But is it okay in this moment when you're lying in bed, or wanting to take a nap, or not feeling very focused, to allow self that time to not do?

This is not just about Projectors and Reflectors. Generators and Manifesting Generators squander their sacral energy as well, when they’re trying to get stuff done that their sacral isn’t responding to. Regardless of your energy type, you could be trying to get energy to do stuff that doesn't matter.

So, is it okay not to have energy right now?

If you don't have energy right now to do those things that you need to do, I want you to consider whether or not something really has to be done, and whether it's yours to do, whether or not the timing is right, or if you have another need that has to be met before you have the energy to do.

If you don’t have a defined sacral center, projectors and reflectors especially, remember that a lot of what is yours to do, comes from either your environment or with the other people around you who are inviting you out. (Refer to your strategy and authority)

And if you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator, there are times as well when you need to pause, when there is nothing for you to do, because your sacral has not responded to anything.

So is it okay to have no energy in those moments?

I know this may be hard to consider if you've got to maintain a job or you have kids to care for. You will discover that you will find your rhythm if you let yourself off the hook, if you make it okay not to have energy at times and you allow yourself to rejuvenate and do nothing in those times when there's nothing to do. And you'll find that on the other end, you'll be able to manage these ebbs and flows and become very much more discerning about what's really yours to do, where you're putting pressure on yourself when you don't have to, to get things done, when it's time to rest, when it's time to be dormant and when your body actually has the energy to move forward to do the next thing that presents itself to you.