How Your Not-Self Can Empower Your True Self-Expression

18 January 2020

I had a couple of therapeutic meltdowns over the past few weeks that empowered me to believe in myself ... my true self... even more. Have you been going through your own meltdowns, frustrations, bouts of bitterness, disappointment or anger? Here's what I've learned from my own...

When you recognize your not-self you have a springboard to leap into a more aligned and empowered version of your true self-expression.

I was finishing up the last edits for Part 1 of the Deconditioning Blueprint when I became intensely aware of the resistance, bitterness, and self-doubt emotions that were welling up within me. ... Hello... 3/5 Splenic Projector who burned herself out on the shadow side of perfectionism.
How ironic that all of this not-self behavior was coming up just as I was about to share with the world how Human Design can help you pinpoint the conditioned not-self patterns that keep you from your power... arghh ... busted! Or was I just coming into a deeper level of awareness and surrender to my own true nature?
This experience reaffirmed for me who I'm NOT so that I can live a more empowered version of who I am.

  • I am NOT a person who gets emotional about life and slows myself down when my splenic intuition prompts me to move forward.
  • I am NOT someone who needs do prove to myself or others that I am talented and worthy of recognition.
  • I am NOT designed to take a straight lined path to anything authentic in my life.
  • And most fundamentally, I am NOT designed to overwork myself.

When I realized that I was pushing from the conditioning of my not-self, that was the "springboard moment" where I realized who I am at an even deeper level and surrendered with confidence to the undeniable power within me. I felt more relaxed, clear, and confident about what I have to offer and how it's best for me to offer it.

Are you ready for your springboard moment into your true self-expression? If you're struggling to live from your bodygraph's true strengths, your not-self may have something to teach you. You're invited to join us for the current version of the Deconditioning Blueprint.