Feeling Powerless about Your Human Design? Do This to Get More Personal Power

7 August 2019

Are you feeling confined by the limitations of your life? Do you often feel powerless over your situation? This human existence is filled with limitation and it can often seem like you're a victim of the fates. Let me assure you that the purpose of human limitation is to help you to channel the energy of your infinite nature so that you can fulfill your purpose.

You're not here to be a victim in any way!

I get how you could sometimes get into that victim mode. Many people who first discover their human design chart feel that they're at a disadvantage. While this is the furthest thing from the truth, they look around and see that they aren't designed with consistent access to the kinds of energies, strengths, and characteristics that the outside world says are essential for success.

Perhaps you saw your chart in this way. I know I did. At first, I felt the relief of knowing that I'm not created to do all of those things that I had to quit because they were burning me out. Then, when I recovered a bit, I realized I had no model for the kind of success that I'm here to have. I felt small. I felt flawed. And I felt powerless to do anything about it. That's when I tripped over that fine line of surrendering to my highest good and fell into the fateful pit of victimhood. But I didn't give up... and neither should you!

You can live from your personal power no matter what your design.

When you feel small, inadequate, or like a victim of your design, and you feel like you want to go back to the way you had been living (that wasn't working for you in the first place) try this instead...

OWN your life and everything in it!

That's right! Own all of it.. the good, the bad, the seemingly ugly, the past, the present, and the future. Live it. Love it (or not). And don't apologize for it.

With personal power comes personal responsibility.Your power is embedded in your responsibility to yourself ... to be the best version of the human that you're created to be. And only then can you unlock your creative magic.

You have unlimited creative magic. Your magic needs to be channeled wisely through the strength of your unique design. When you embrace your life with an open heart and take full responsibility for everything you create within it, you stop being a victim of the fates and become a co-creator with it.

You Got This!

Bruce Almighty

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