Personal Success Roadmap Report

Derived from Your Human Design Blueprint

Unlock the Secrets to Your Success

Currently only available with a Foundation Reading

Unlock the secrets to your success with this personalized handwritten report. It introduces you to everything you need to know about your innate ability to align with the success you're designed to have. This report is derived and synthesized from your unique Human Design blueprint, and is written in easy to understand, practical language.

Simple, clear-cut guidance on how you're designed to create success by living authentically as yourself

If you're fascinated by Human Design but overwhelmed by the technical lingo, this report will explain your design to you in plain English. It's filled with detailed descriptions about the main points of your chart and suggestions that you can apply immediately.

The Personal Success Roadmap Report shows you what you need to do to achieve the kind of inner alignment that leads to success. You will discover your innate strengths, how you function, and your potential blocks and distractions. You can use this report as your guide over time, referring to it whenever you want to be reminded of your innate power.

This is not a cookie cutter report that a computer spits out, This report is about your specific design. It's handwritten to describe the unique elements of your Human Design blueprint. And it explains to you exactly what you need to know to move in the direction of your authentic success.


About Your Report

The Personal Success Roadmap Report is NOT computer generated. This is a handwritten report that synthesizes the relevant information pertaining to success from your personal Human Design chart. Your report gives you something concrete and tangible to refer to as you as you work on creating success from your genetic potential.

You will find this report helpful if you're new to Human Design (or even if you never heard of it before). The guidelines contained within your report don't depend on your knowledge or skill level with the esoteric information contained in the system of Human Design. You get the straight scoop about who you are, and how you innately create success when you allow yourself to be unapologetically you.

Table of Contents

  • Get in the Flow of Success
  • Your Success Indicators
  • Making Decisions and Taking Actions that Lead to Success
  • Prominent Strengths, Characteristics and Qualities
  • Potential Blocks and Distractions
  • Learning Style
  • Success in Relationships
  • Success in Health
  • Success at Work
  • Recommendations for Next Steps
  • Your Human Design Blueprint

Downloadable and Printable Format

Your report is delivered to you in PDF format. You can download it to your computer or print it out.

Allow 7 - 10 days for delivery. When ordering the report with a private session, you will get a link to schedule your appointment when you receive your report.

Currently only available with a Foundation Reading


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