Why Human Design is More than a Personality Assessment Tool

6 May 2019

One of the popular responses to the question “What is Human Design?” is that it’s a personality assessment tool. While it is, in part that, it's also a blueprint or a road map. Today I want to talk about why Human Design is more than just a personality assessment tool. And I want to talk about it in the context that your human design body graph is a blueprint or road map for how you're designed to operate in the world.

Two Different Imprints Come Together to Make You

What you're looking at on your Human Design chart are two imprints of some of the major influences and prominent themes that were happening both in the season and time of your birth and also while you were developing in the womb. Some charts will label these “Personality”/“Design”, “Conscious”/“Unconscious” or “Mind”/“Body”.

I prefer the “Mind”/“Body” description for these two different imprints. I’ve often seen (during my 25 years in the holistic healing professions) that the body and mind can be at odds with each other. When you look at your Human Design chart you have a visual representation of how your body and mind are actually meant to function in some kind of working harmony.

Your Birth Imprint

The black side of the chart (the symbols and numbers in black on the right side of your chart) displays your birth imprint. You could say that this side of your chart is a more in-depth version of some aspects of your natal astrology chart. Your birth imprint is also the part of you that you’re most consciously aware of. So when you take a personality assessment test such as the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or the DISC Assessment you’re most likely getting an assessment of this one aspect of you.

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Your Pre-Birth Imprint

The other imprint of what makes you who you are is seen on the red side of your chart. These are the themes and influences that were significant when you were coming into the home-stretch of your fetal development in the womb. This is a calculation that is taken three months before your birth in the third trimester of your development.

The third trimester is when you’re in the last stages of preparation to emerge as a living, breathing, fully formed Human being. This is a time of rapid body and brain development. And neurologically speaking, your body is being wired up and equipped to function on the physical plane. You could say that this is when your body consciousness is formed. Your body has its own unique requirements. It has limitations and restrictions. Just as you may have inherited a certain hair color, you may also have inherited certain behavioral and motivational potentials as well.

The Body/Mind Roadmap

Your body and your mind may often have very different perspectives on how to go about living life. The mind may think it knows what it wants. It processes experiences through mental filters that tend to ignore the body’s innate needs.

Have you ever pushed your body too hard or stayed up too late because you were caught up in the pursuit of something that you “thought” needed to be done? If you’re honest with yourself, you will probably discover that it happens more often than you care to admit. The mind is a strong driver and can overshadow the body’s natural tendencies. But the one thing that becomes evident very quickly when you ignore the body is that your body will eventually cease to take you where you want to go.

Here’s the truth about the body/mind relationship…

All of the magnetism that’s needed for you to attract what you’re here to have and experience is generated from the body! Your body needs your mind to be the scout of ideas and potentials that the body can then feel out and move toward if it’s attracted to it.

The Human Design chart is a roadmap for the way your unique body/mind structure is hardwired to move you into the fulfillment of your purpose in the most harmonious and satisfying ways. These two imprints show you how you’re (literally) wired up to express your gifts and talents. So when you look at the totality of your Human Design chart from this perspective, you quickly understand that your personality is only part of the equation.

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