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2023 Intuitive Success Reading

Set Yourself Up for Success in 2023

Get a pre-recorded, intuitive reading to illuminate the path to your highest timeline in 2023. I’ll look into the trends coming up for you in the new year and deliver a message of guidance that you can then apply to your life. 

I'll go into your Akashic records, consult with your personal guides, and take a peek into how the Human Design transits could affect your year. *This is NOT a Human Design reading, although I will speak about your chart as guidance comes through for you in your recording.  

Your recording will probably be 25 to 45 minutes long. It may include some channeled energy work if that comes up. It will be delivered by email as a downloadable audio file within 1-3 weeks of ordering. Prior to your recording, I also spend a significant amount of time researching the various trends and factors that will affect your year.

*After you receive your recording, you will also get the opportunity to purchase an optional live session with me at a significant discount.  You can use this session to clarify what came up during the reading and to develop a plan of aligned action moving forward. 

Choose a specific line of questioning....
What do I need to know to have better health and wellbeing in 2023?
What do I need to know to improve my business/career in 2023?
What do I need to know to have a more fulfilling and joyful life in 2023?
How can I strengthen my own intuitive gifts in 2023?
What do I need to focus upon in 2023 to express my highest path and purpose?

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