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Intuitive Art Personal Success Grid

Anchor in the energies that will move you onto your highest available timeline. 

You receive a painting in pdf download format that was created specifically to connect your subconscious with the highest potentials available. I use intuition, intention, color, and shapes to create a visual landscape that you can add to in creative ways. The process is designed to activate your personal intuition and attune you to the possibility field that exists for your success.

You can order this as a standalone service or as an add-on to the 2023 Intuitive Success Reading.

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 Personal Success Grid - Standalone
 $97.00 USD
 Personal Success Grid - Standalone (2 payments)
 $49.00 USD  ( then $49.00 USD for 1 months )
 Personal Success Grid with 2023 Intuitive Success Reading
 $224.00 USD
 Personal Success Grid with 2023 Intuitive Success Reading (2 Payments)
 $112.00 USD  ( then $112.00 USD for 1 months )

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