Returning to Saturn - An Empowering Exploration for Women Around 60

Are You Looking at the Third Phase of Your Life and Wondering How to Make the Most of It?

If you're around the age of 60 (roughly 58-62), you're in the midst of a transition that's known as the Second Saturn Return. The Second Saturn Return is a powerful time to deepen, redefine and heal. It presents you with the opportunity to choose how you want to live your third trimester of life on Earth.

You're Invited...

Join a Cohort of Women Who Are Going Through the Same Life Transition

Together we'll navigate the challenges and opportunities of this major transit so you feel empowered, confident, and ready to make your next phase count.  With facilitated group discussion... and a smattering of Human Design / astrology information, you'll find inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose for this stage of life. 

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What's Saturn Got to Do With It?

Saturn Return is an event that's marked by the astrological archetype of the planet Saturn. Saturn asks you to examine how you must live in order to reap the rewards of your life. When it returns to the place of its astrological placement at the time of your birth, it marks a turning point to dig more deeply into this question.

Saturn returns to it's birth placement roughly every 29.5 years. The first return marks the end of youthful folly and the beginning of adulthood.  Your second Saturn Return marks a time of deepening maturity.  For women in particular, it signals the transition from the mother archetype to the crone.

This time in life is potentially the richest, most rewarding time when you're able to leverage the support of Saturn.

Under the tutelage of this often stern teacher, you are supported in mastering whatever it takes to cut through the crap and be the best version of who you are. It doesn't always look that way, because Saturn can push you and push you until you finally surrender to the truth...

You are a beautiful, wise woman who is a force to be reckoned with.

You have what it takes to navigate through life with confidence while uncertainty abounds around you.

You can make your most meaningful contribution to the world just by being you. 

This Cohort Will Help You

Cultivate reverence for the sacredness of Saturn’s positive influence on your life

Deeply appreciate the beauty and sacredness of this transition. The themes of Saturn Return are challenging, but they are also paving the way to a new you. Discover for yourself how to make this time more meaningful than ever before.

It’s time to take a look at what the influence of Saturn means for you and explore the next steps. Get the courage to give yourself permission to explore any new interests, pursue passions, and rehash old dreams. 

Find your renewed sense of purpose with Second Saturn Return.

It's easy to get lost in society's expectations for you, but this program will help you explore your own goals and ambitions.

Explore your personal Saturn themes with power and clarity.

Open up new possibilities and re-energize your life with the support of a group.

We'll start by exploring the deeper themes that are at the forefront of this phase of life, understanding how they impact you, and looking at what you need in order to move forward in life.  We'll create a container of safety where you can explore yourself and gain strength from your connection with the group.  The group provides you with a space for self initiation and reorientation.

Here's My Why...

While researching my own Second Saturn Return, I discovered that there isn't much out there about this powerful rite of passage. Even my own Human Design studies treated it like an after thought. Like many women, I was grappling (and still am) with some deep questions and tender places. I pondered getting older and dying. I wondered about my legacy. I struggled with the pain of feeling like some doors in my life are now, and will forever be shut. And I also felt deeply that something more was emerging from me that has yet to take shape.

As I talked with other women my age, I discovered that everyone is going through something... something unknown, something that looks like struggle, something that promises to open them to something more. I recognized that the themes of Saturn can unleash the power that's hovering just beneath the surface of my and these women's awareness.

And then I wondered what would happen if a group of us powerhouse wise women got together ... simply to contemplate and share our journeys. 


Tools for Our Journey

Private group discussion and sharing via Zoom

Reflection and contemplation

Human Design exploration

Energy attunements for the Saturn right of passage

We’ll Explore:

s group also includes access to the recorded version of the Saturn Medicine series)


The general themes of Second Saturn Return and which ones are most relevant to you.

The Human Design and astrology markers that will shed light on what you're going through and why.

How you can actualize your potential at this time in your life so that you have more ease, joy, and meaning. 


You’ll Leave With:

A renewed sense of purpose

Reverence for the sacredness of Saturn’s positive influence on your life

Tools and insights to move forward in life with power, clarity, and confidence

Details & Dates

3 pre-recorded videos with assignment / 3 live Zoom meetings

August 18th - Recording and Assignment

August 25th (1:00 pm Eastern) - Live Zoom Meeting

September 1st - Recording and Assignment

September 8th (1:00 pm Eastern) - Live Zoom Meeting

September 15th - Recording and Assignment

September 22nd (1:00 pm Eastern) - Live Zoom meeting

Pre-recorded content for contemplation is released between meetings at specified dates.

Dates for the Program

August 2022 - September 2022

Other Details:

All meetings will be recorded and placed in your Membervault account.


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