Human Design and Energy Work

Align Your Energy and Fulfill Your Potential

Tools to Help You Reach Your Peak Form of Existence

Phase One

Discover, Awaken and Align

Who You are * Why You're Here * How to Leverage Your Energy

Open the door to the awareness that you are a powerful being with unique attributes to fulfill a purpose that no one else can fulfill. Awaken to your purpose and to your power by understanding who you are and why you're here. Learn to leverage your energy to unleash your hidden potential.

Human Design Reading Icon
Concise and Clear Guidance About your Human Design Chart

Get a practical understanding of your Human Design chart in a way that shows you how you're here to experience and create success.

This reading is right for you if you're new to Human Design and want to cut through the confusing lingo to get to the core message about how you can be successful as your energy type.

Advanced Human Design Readings icon

Bring More Enlightenment onto Your Path and Ease into Your Journey

You've been experimenting with your strategy and authority. Now you're ready to look at the advanced details of your chart.

My style with advanced readings is eclectic, intuitive, and problem-solving in nature. Your session evolves according to your questions and what needs to be revealed in the moment to you as we converse.

Human Design Mentoring Icon

Get Support to Live from the Power of Your Design

Now that you know what's in your chart, how do you live in alignment with it? Questions and issues come up along the way. It's extremely valuable to have a guide who can support you as you explore your design in real life.

Individual and group programs.

Phase Two

Remove the Blocks That Keep You from Your Highest Potential

Free Yourself to Reach New Heights by Living Your Multidimensional Essence Through Your Human Design

Woman reaching for the stars flipped and cropped
There's More to Life Than Your Human Existence
  • Puts you in touch with your higher-self, soul-self, and guide team so that you have access to all of your higher wisdom
  • Clears blocks to love, light, and truth so that you can see yourself and your situation more clearly and deal with it in a empowered way
  • Provides healing for the most significant things that reveal themselves during the session
  • Activates higher levels of consciousness and raises your frequency
  • Raises your awareness about who you are at soul-level so that you understand why you're playing your version of the human game
  • Opens a connection between your human design and your soul design so that you live your life in a more integrated way

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