Are You a Human Design Projector?

Projectors are Here to Manage, Guide, and Direct Others

If you are a Human Design Projector energy type, you are among the approximate 20% of people who are here to manage, guide and direct other people. Your energy field (aura) is absorbing and penetrating, meaning that you have the capacity to know another person very deeply and recognize who they are.

Dear Projector, you are naturally designed to be here for other people, to benefit their lives and to guide them in ways that contribute to their success. When you guide others (not just anybody, but the right other people… more on this in a minute) you discover your own success as well.

Projector Aura

What Does it Mean to Be Here for Others?

Being here for others doesn’t mean that you abandon yourself. To the contrary, you must first learn how to manage your own energy before you can guide others to do the same. It’s not so easy for a Projector to do this, because your attention is naturally directed outside yourself. You don’t see yourself as clearly as you see other people. And you don’t see yourself as clearly as the right other people see you! You must rely on what you see about how you affect others to be your guidepost for whether or not you’re in the right environment, serving the right people.

What is Projector Bitterness?

You have another guidepost for that shows you when you're not being your true self. When you’ve given too much of yourself away, overworked, or otherwise overextended yourself, you will feel bitter. If you don’t resonate with the term “bitterness” as a description for that “out of sorts”, “not quite yourself” feeling that you can get, pay attention to how many times during the day you feel resentment, exhaustion, or when you beat yourself up for not keeping up. Then notice how deeply that thread of feeling runs. You may discover that there are other feelings attached… deep wounds from being misunderstood … deep feelings of defeat or discouragement that come from feeling ignored or overlooked. These are the bitterness patterns that lead you away from your true vibrant self.

Projectors Need the Right People

As a Projector, you’re designed to sit apart from the crowd and use your laser-focused energy to guide the right people to their success. The right people are the people who recognize you and truly get that you’re not here to muck around in the heavy work of building a life. They understand that you’re the one with the view that they need to see, and they willingly and graciously invite you to share your wisdom to improve their lives.


How Projectors Attract the Right People

If you’re like most Projectors, you’re probably wondering by now where those people are? What you may not recognize about yourself, is that you have the power within you to attract those people. But you don’t do attraction most people do it. In fact, there is far less you have to do “out there” in the world than most would have you believe.

You attract the right people by waiting. While you’re waiting, you’re putting your laser-focused attention on mastering the things that really light you up. You focus on cultivating a vibrant life that brings out the best in you. And you take extremely good care of yourself… because you need to be in tip-top shape when the right invitation comes along.

The Way of the Successful Projector - Simple But Not Easy

Does this seem too simple? It is actually that simple, but it may not be easy. You need to develop trust in how you’re designed to function. You may need to learn about and develop your inner treasures and gifts. You may need to study your gifts from the outside for a while (That’s where the Human Design chart comes in handy) to truly come to a place where you know that you’re worth the wait.

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