Where to Start with Human Design

12 June 2017

Many people tell me that their first look at their Human Design chart can be both intriguing and off-putting at the same time. When they first look at their bodygraph they often feel like they recognize something in it that has value to them, but they’re not sure what it is. And when they read the keynotes that indicate your energy “type”, “strategy”, “authority” and “profile”, they are often compelled to do a dogged internet search to make sense of these terms. This often leads to more questions, which are only partially answered, and more internet searches to try and understand.

By the time a person gets to me for their first Human Design Reading, they often have so much free-floating data about the chart in their heads that they forgot (or their internet searches never told them) that the primary purpose of knowing about their design is to understand their body’s guidance system for how to navigate through life.

When the search for understanding is carried on purely in the mind, people tend to get overwhelmed very quickly. They get frustrated because they can’t make sense of all the numbers and colors and shapes and symbols. And most likely … I haven’t personally checked in each person’s inbox to know for sure… the chart either gets thrown away or filed away for a when there is more time or energy to tackle all that information again.

The Human Design chart contains multiple layers of information about the circuitry of your energy system, your genetic potential, the life themes and challenges you are here to encounter, and even the way you think or act when you are not living from your truth. But none of that information can be truly useful in a practical way unless you’ve integrated the basics.

Here are the three best first steps to take when you first discover your design…

  1. Visually Connect With Your Chart – When you first see your chart, take a few moments to clear your mind and just take in the image of it. Try not to wonder about what it all means. Just take in the colors, shapes and patterns. Acknowledge the numbers and the symbols. Then invite the chart to subtly ignite the wisdom that you already have about yourself.

Your chart is a representation of you… down to your cellular and DNA imprinting. Your inner wisdom already recognizes itself within the chart. Just allow that recognition to bubble up so you can connect with it in a non-verbal way.

  1. Understand Your Type, Strategy & Authority – If you must do internet research, start with the intention to understand these three things about yourself.

Your type (or energy type) tells you a lot about your purpose, your strengths and your places of vulnerability.

Your strategy tells you how you best interact with the world in a healthy and authentic way.

Your authority gives you a good understanding about your innate decision making process (that has nothing to do with thinking it out btw). It’s not about authority over anyone or anything. It’s about being your own authority for how you know what’s right for you.

  1. Get a Human Design Reading – Your first Human Design Reading will give you the foundation to thoroughly understand and put into practice your strategy for living life and making decisions. It will also give you a framework to begin to understand the other pieces of your chart and how they all fit together to create the person who is uniquely you. And most importantly, you will be introduced to the specific ways that you may sacrifice your uniqueness without even knowing it.

If you start your Human Design journey with these three things first, your mind will get the tools it needs to begin to relax. You will be better able to bring your own inner wisdom to the surface, and experience it in a more conscious and powerful way. And over time, a new confidence will emerge from deep within you, so that you can have the deep satisfaction, success, inner peace or delight with life that tells you that you’re living from your truth.