Why Life Purpose and Making a Living are Not the Same Thing

27 February 2017

Are you tortured by the big life purpose that you have not yet fulfilled through your work? Do you feel like your job or career is keeping you from fulfilling it? It would be so simple if you could live your purpose and get paid great money to do it, but what if what you’re here to do doesn’t translate into a job? If you have been unsatisfied with your life because you feel that you don’t yet have a career which expresses your true reason for being on the planet, please stop tormenting yourself!

You Don’t Have to Make Millions from Your Life Purpose

… and if you push yourself to support yourself solely through the expression of what you perceive to be your life purpose, you may not ever allow it to fully emerge.

There is a dangerous attitude in the personal development business that makes you feel like you have to earn an income from your life purpose. It can leave you feeling inadequate if you you’re not making large sums of money from what you feel you are here to do. It can lead you to feel like you are failing your purpose if you haven’t yet quit your day job to pursue your dream to be a rich and famous life coach, or artist, or healer… (or whatever it is that you know deep down that you want to experience). If you haven’t yet made the leap into a full time business of what you think you’re here to do (and you believe you must leap) … or if you have made the leap and you’re not making the money that was “promised” to you by being brave enough to “step out there” … let me offer you another perspective…

I am involved with a wonderfully detailed system for understanding how to fulfill your life purpose. It’s called Human Design. When you get your Human Design chart your life purpose is encoded right at the top. It’s known as your “Incarnation Cross”. However when you begin your study of your design, the exploration doesn’t start with what to do to make money from your life purpose. Instead you learn about your unique strategy for entering into opportunities that are correct for you. You learn about how to make decisions which honor your genetically encoded sense of timing. And most importantly, you get a framework for how to begin to observe yourself so you can identify when you are acting in ways that are not authentic, and what do to become more authentic.

Life Purpose Emerges Through Authenticity

There is a timing to its emergence. It permeates everything that you do. The way you express it to best dance with the forces around you is unique to you. You must be willing to allow your purpose to unfold naturally and authentically without putting pressure or a price tag on it.

Life purpose is about more than just a career. Here’s an example…

Let’s say your incarnation cross is “The Right Angle Cross of Service” – You’re here to be of service … but to what? … to whom? … and how?

As you can see, this purpose doesn’t directly translate into an occupation. Without knowing about the rest of your design you could get yourself into a place where you are in service to things that drain your energy and resources rather than enhance them. When you learn about the strengths that you embody and the potential ways you can be distracted from your authentic way of life … (which are also encoded in your chart) .. then your particular brand of service will naturally emerge, in the right timing, with the right people, bringing you the support (monetarily and otherwise) that you need to bring out what you’re here on the planet to live.

So the point of this post is to remind you that you can relax about your purpose. It naturally emerges when you are being fully yourself. It may not directly translate into a career. But when you’re living authentically you get to experience your life purpose as a way of life rather than just a way to make a living.