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New to Human Design

Foundation Reading Image
A full comprehensive reading of your Human Design chart

Get clear and insightful information about the specifics of your Human Design chart. This is an in-depth, multi-session reading to insure that you have a firm foundation for your Human Design journey.

Three levels of support are available to you. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Personal Success Roadmap image

Simple, clear-cut guidance on how you're designed to create success

Unlock the secrets to your success with this personalized handwritten report. It outlines everything you need to align with the success you're here to have.

This report is derived and synthesized from your unique Human Design blueprint, and is written in easy to understand language.

Beginner courses images

Self-study courses to enhance your understanding of your design

You're invited to check out these courses if you want to enhance your Human Design understanding on your own.

All courses are brought to you in a well organized online format. Go at your own pace. Download what you need, or come back to it over again.

Ready to Go Deeper

Advanced reading image
Ready for a deeper dive into Human Design?

Human Design readings to explore...

  • life purpose
  • couples relationship dynamics
  • parent/child/family relationships
  • business relationships
Life cycle report image

Make the most of the significant turning points in your life.

Significant Life Cycle Turning Points

  • Every year at your birthday
  • Turning 30
  • Turning 40
  • Turning 50
coaching image

Put what you learned about your design into practice.

Learn how to navigate through life’s challenges by making correct decisions and taking actions in ways that are authentic for you.

Get ongoing support to apply what you’ve learned about your design to your real life circumstances.

Energy Work to Support Your Human Design Journey

Energy Alignment image
Don’t let low energy and lack of luster keep you from your joy!

In this time of great transition and high stress, it’s easy to get misaligned with your internal sense of “feel-good”. Get some help to re-align with your internal compass and energy resources.

Let’s get to the point of what’s happening, free up your energy, and move you back into the flow of life.

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