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What's standing between you and YOU?

Dear Quiet Creative and Bearer of Light, 

You've got gifts you know you're here to use.  You've got power that you want to wield for good. You've got a dream encoded within you that's waiting to be lived. You can close the gap between how you're showing up and who you're really here to be, so that you use your gifts in an empowered way to make your dream come true.

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Free Shift Prep Package - Develop a Daily Practice to Support Your Life Changes

Are you ready to take grounded and balanced action toward changes in your life while tuning into your intuition and creative energy to help guide the way?  Create My Shift is a guided meditative and creative process to help you identify and implement the three most potent actions to put into practice to best support your current life changes.

Tune into your body/soul language. No art skill is needed! Everything you need is here... except something to draw with and an index card.

  • Guided body scan meditation
  • Handouts for self reflection
  • Demonstration videos to walk you through everything
  • Bonus: Group Energy Transmission 

Expect to emerge with clear next steps and helpful tools for your daily practice for shifting your energy and life to the next level.

The Shift Prep Package prepares you for future Shift Care Packages.

Human Design Reading - New Client

Whether you’re just learning about your Human Design chart or you’ve had a reading and want to go deeper, you will get the information and guidance you need.

If you're looking specifically for some insight into your Human Design chart and we haven't worked together in the past, this is the service to choose. 


  • Human Design research prior to the reading
  • Human Design chart
  • One hour Zoom meeting
  • Resources as needed
  • Option to record reading


  • Returning Client Status (eligibility for advanced readings and guidance)
  • Private Client Portal (where you can keep track of readings and communication)

Intuitive Guidance - New Client

Make sense of your life from your soul's perspective. Receive guidance about how to improve your current life situation from your akashic records, spirit guide team (and a little cross-check with your Human Design blueprint).

Get this if you've never had an intuitive guidance session from me and want to try it out. 


  • Akashic Records and Human Design research prior to meeting
  • One Hour Zoom reading
  • Option to Record Meeting


  • Returning Client Status (eligibility for advanced readings and guidance)
  • Private Client Portal (where you can keep track of readings and communication)

2023 Intuitive Success Reading

Set Yourself Up for Success in 2023

Get a pre-recorded, intuitive reading to illuminate the path to your highest timeline in 2023. I’ll look into the trends coming up for you in the new year and deliver a message of guidance that you can then apply to your life. 

I'll go into your Akashic records, consult with your personal guides, and take a peek into how the Human Design transits could affect your year. 

Add on a Personal Success Grid 

Intuitive Art Personal Success Grid

Anchor in the energies that will move you onto your highest available timeline. 

You receive a painting in pdf download format that was created specifically to connect your subconscious with the highest potentials available. I use intuition, intention, color, and shapes to create a visual landscape that you can add to in creative ways. The process is designed to activate your personal intuition and attune you to the possibility field that exists for your success.

You can order this as a standalone service or as an add-on to the 2023 Intuitive Success Reading.

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