Appointments are available on Wednesdays and by special arrangement at other times.

Live Your Inner Radiance: Transformative Pathways of Healing, Self-Discovery, and Creative Expression

Are you ready to peel back the layers and uncover the most radiant version of yourself?

Sandy Freschi offers a transformative and healing space for self-exploration and personal metamorphosis. Liberate yourself from emotional wounds through Emotion Code Healing. Get your roadmap to clarity and purpose with Human Design Readings. Cultivate self-awareness and your innate creativity with Mindful Art and Meditation. 

Discover the path to wholeness, self-acceptance, and empowered living.

Available Offerings

Human Design Reading - New Client

Whether you’re just learning about your Human Design chart or you’ve had a reading and want to go deeper, you will get the information and guidance you need.

If you're looking for insight into your Human Design chart and we have not worked together, this is the service to choose. 

Previous Clients - Contact Me

Coaching and Healing Package: Human Design and Emotional Healing

For Human Design enthusiasts who want lasting change through emotional healing

Coaching and Healing Packages are for you if you are a Human Design and personal growth enthusiast who wants to build on what you already know while releasing the hidden obstacles that keep you from the satisfaction, peace, success, and delight you know you're here to have. Sustainable change is possible with consistent support that honors your unique design and journey.

Emotion Code - Initial Session(s)

The Emotion Code is a gentle, energetic healing technique that assists in releasing emotional baggage that's keeping you from being the confident, healthy, and successful person you were born to be. 

If you're feeling stuck due to patterns that repeat themselves, you could benefit from this simple, painless, technique. 

Get a 5 session package or a single session.

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