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Sandy R Freschi

Healer, Artist, Human Design Guide

Dear Sensitive Friend, 

You've got gifts you know you're here to use.  You've got power that you want to wield for good. You've got a dream encoded within you that's waiting to be lived. You can close the gap between how you're showing up and who you're really here to be, so that you use your gifts in an empowered way to make your dream come true.

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Free Shift Prep Package - Develop a Daily Practice to Support Your Life Changes

Are you ready to take grounded and balanced action toward changes in your life while tuning into your intuition and creative energy to help guide the way?  Create My Shift is a guided meditative and creative process to help you identify and implement the three most potent actions to put into practice to best support your current life changes.

Tune into your body/soul language. No art skill is needed! Everything you need is here... except something to draw with and an index card.

  • Guided body scan meditation
  • Handouts for self reflection
  • Demonstration videos to walk you through everything
  • Bonus: Group Energy Transmission 

Expect to emerge with clear next steps and helpful tools for your daily practice for shifting your energy and life to the next level.

The Shift Prep Package prepares you for future Shift Care Packages.

Human Design Reading - New Client

Whether you’re just learning about your Human Design chart or you’ve had a reading and want to go deeper, you will get the information and guidance you need.

If you're looking specifically for some insight into your Human Design chart and we haven't worked together in the past, this is the service to choose. 

Before ordering this service, please make sure you have an accurate birth time.

Emotion Code - Initial Session(s)

The Emotion Code is a gentle energetic healing technique that assists in releasing emotional baggage that's keeping you from being the confident, healthy, and successful person you were born to be. 

If you're feeling stuck due to patterns that repeat themselves, you could benefit from this simple, painless, technique. 

During your initial session, we'll establish what would be most beneficial to focus upon and release the trapped emotions related to your primary issue, that are ready to be released. Many issues can be addressed within 1 - 5 sessions.

Get a 5 session package or a single session.

Deconditioning Blueprint

Uncover the energy dynamics that keep you from living your best life. As you use your Human Design chart to identify long-held patterns that you're ready to release, outside forces will no longer keep you from living an awakened and empowered life.

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