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Coaching and Healing Package: Human Design and Emotional Healing

Feel Lost in the Labyrinth of Personal Growth? 

If you're exhausted from the endless search for a path to healing and fulfillment, this is for you.

I know the frustration of trying every self-help method and still feeling like something is missing. The inconsistency, the overwhelm, the lack of sustainable change - I've been there too.

But there is a better way. A way to understand your unique growth journey and address the hidden obstacles holding you back.

Through Human Design Coaching and Emotion Code healing, I help you:

  • Uncover the nuances of your unique Human Design blueprint and internal guidance system so you can stop guessing and start living in alignment with your true self.
  • Release deep-rooted emotional blocks that have been sabotaging your progress, keeping you stuck in patterns of the past. Experience freedom from these unseen limitations.
  • Embody real, lasting transformation tailored to how you operate best. No more cookie-cutter solutions - just guidance aligned with your Human Design blueprint and healing to restore your wholeness.

This is a gentle, encouraging space where I meet you where you are (You don't have to be an expert at your Human Design) and take you into a deeper level of self-trust and ease. My goal is to use my extensive Human Design knowledge combined with 30 years of intuitive and healing arts experience, to provide you with the clarity, healing, and tools to make sustainable changes so you can experience the success and fulfillment you deserve.


After working with Sandy for several months, it’s like a weight has been lifted!

Before working with Sandy I was extremely stressed and frustrated with life. I was dealing with a complicated divorce, my business was on the verge of collapse, and I’d sustained serious injuries from a bad fall. I needed guidance and direction.

In our sessions, Sandy helped me release trapped emotions which were held inside (some for my entire life). She explained my human design chart so I could easily understand it and guided me to make choices that aligned with my true self. The mental chatter I experienced non stop, has quieted down. I am now able to  pause and contemplate before making decisions. I feel more inner peace and self love than ever and I’m so grateful to have found her!

~ Sebastian

You can overcome your challenges and get onto a sustainable path of fulfillment when you do the healing and alignment work that truly enables you to be you! Human Design Coaching and Emotional Healing helps you...

  • Stop sabotaging your success and happiness
  • Release the anger and disappointment in yourself for not living up to your potential
  • Ditch the feeling of inadequacy that comes from comparing yourself with others

You will...

  • Feel confident, empowered, and on purpose with your life
  • Appreciate your uniqueness and value and treat yourself accordingly
  • Trust your intuition and make decisions that are aligned with your design

Your commitment to yourself and willingness to receive support through this coaching and healing experience will result in...

  • Peaceful and harmonious relationships where you are able to express your true self and accept others as they are
  • Clarity about how to experience satisfaction and success in your work, career, or business
  • The ability to cultivate an authentic life of happiness and fulfillment

Are you ready to step out of the labyrinth and into happiness and fulfillment?

Schedule your first Human Design and Emotional Healing session now to start unlocking your true potential!

How it Works (Try One Session)

We'll spend 90 minutes together on Zoom, working at a deep level with your chart and your subconscious mind to liberate the sticking points of your life's challenges.

You'll get a complimentary recording of our meeting and notes about your session delivered to your own private portal where you can message me with questions and insights you'd like to share.

The first session is meant to get you started on this path of deep healing and deconditioning. A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended as it takes time to remove layers of old patterns and trapped emotions. We'll discuss package prices and scheduling at your first session. If you decide you want to continue right away, your second appointment will be booked and you'll receive a coaching contract and link to purchase your package after our first meeting.

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Let's Get Ready for Your First Coaching and Healing Session

Here are the steps to set up your reading...

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  3. Schedule your appointment
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