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Behind the Scenes With Sandy Freschi ... Plus a Little Human Design and Healing Emotion Code and Human Design - How to Get More from Your Human Design Experiment by Releasing Emotional Baggage

Emotion Code and Human Design - How to Get More from Your Human Design Experiment by Releasing Emotional Baggage


The Emotion Code healing technique is powerful for your Human Design experiment and deconditioning process. It assists you in getting unstuck from patterns that keep you from living from the highest aspects of your Human Design blueprint. It helps to ease the “not-self” emotional theme of your energy type by enabling you to quickly and easily release emotional baggage that weighs you down and keeps you from clearly feeling and trusting your unique decision-making authority.

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is an energy healing modality developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a retired chiropractor. It aims to identify and release trapped emotions within the body and subconscious. 

The Emotion Code is a simple and easy process that can be performed remotely or in person.

What happens in an Emotion Code Session?

During the Emotion Code session, the practitioner connects with the client's subconscious using muscle testing or pendulum dowsing. I prefer to use pendulum dowsing because I’ve been using a pendulum for years to tap into information that facilitates my clients’ healing process. The practitioner is only working with the energy of your emotions and not reading your mind or thoughts.

A grid of general categories of trapped emotions is used to identify the specific emotions that need release. The practitioner may ask your body for additional information about the emotion, such as your age at its origin. This may assist you in consciously remembering the event that caused you to trap the emotion. It’s important to note that a specific memory isn’t always necessary for the release. When memories are recalled, there is no need to probe deeply or open old wounds.  Recalling a memory is simply a touchpoint to bring the trapped energy to the surface.

Once the trapped emotion is identified, it is released with intention. The intention to release is amplified by a magnet, which is swiped over the governing vessel, the central channel of energy in the body. When working at a distance (my preference), the practitioner goes through the procedure of swiping and clearing on their own body on your behalf. The practitioner then tests to ensure the emotion has been released before moving on to the next one. The process is often quick, efficient, and painless.

What can the Emotion Code be used for?

The Emotion Code can address specific emotions related to a physical symptom (such as tightness in the chest), a persistent life theme (such as procrastination), or maintain well-being by releasing long-forgotten emotional baggage. It can also be focused on releasing emotions trapped around the heart, known as the heart wall, which can help open the individual to deeper connections with others and a more open-hearted approach to life.

How does the Emotion Code support the Human Design deconditioning process?

Your Human Design experiment helps you become aware of when you’re dealing with life in the most authentic and empowered way (or when you’re not). It tunes you into how you’re designed to filter information about the surrounding world and your process for arriving at correct decisions so you stay healthy and live authentically. But throughout life, you’ve had painful experiences without the opportunity to process and release your emotions. The energy of those emotions distorts your ability to perceive yourself and the world around you accurately. 

Unprocessed emotions create resistance and pockets of self-defeating behaviors that keep you from the life you were designed to live.  You can get stuck in negative emotional patterns of reaction that are opposite to your Human Design strategy. Generators and Manifesting Generators, do you struggle with connecting with your sacral response? Projectors and Reflectors, do you struggle with waiting because it’s uncomfortable? Manifestors, do you hide your intentions and hold yourself back from taking action?  If you live more from your not-self theme of frustration, bitterness, disappointment, or anger and haven’t been able to relax into your Human Design strategy and trust the process, you may have emotions from your past to release. The Emotion Code helps you quickly release emotional energy from the past to achieve emotional balance, unravel your conditioning, and align more easily with your human design.

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