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Emotion Code - Initial Session(s)

Do You Experience Setbacks When Trying to Make Changes?

You know the drill.  You set a new goal that never gets achieved.  You decide you want to implement a new health practice that never gets off the ground.  You continue to have the same argument with your spouse that never gets resolved.  You know what to do to change your situation, but when it comes to taking action, you get stuck and can't move forward.  You doubt yourself, you get triggered emotionally, or you just get paralyzed.

If you have a pattern of getting stuck when trying to make changes in your life, health, and even your finances, you could have trapped emotions that are hindering your progress.  Trapped emotions are masses of unprocessed emotional energy that are held in the body by your subconscious until you're ready to process and release them.  The emotions get stuck in the body when you've had a painful or overwhelming experience that you haven't been able to acknowledge and release.  The experience can be a severe as a major trauma or as minor as skinning your knee as a young child and not having an outlet to cry about it. Often, you move on with your life.  You "suck it up" and keep going.  Eventually you forget about the incident.  But your body always remembers.  And the discordant vibration of these stored emotions creates distortion within your energy field, your thought process, and your physical body. 

Here are some clues that you may have trapped emotions that are ready to be released...

  • chronic physical symptoms (mild or severe)
  • emotional reactions that are disproportionate to the situation
  • feeling stuck in one or more areas of life
  • chronic struggles with money, finances, and abundance
  • unhealthy relationship patterns
  • self-sabotaging your success with procrastination or overworking
  • ptsd or anxiety symptoms that haven't gone away with therapy

Fortunately, many trapped emotions can be released quickly and easily without years of therapy or deep emotional catharsis.

Dr. Bradley Nelson (a chiropractor), developed The Emotion Code technique while working with thousands of patients in his practice. He developed a process to connect with the subconscious mind of another to quickly identify and release emotional baggage that was keeping his patients from getting well.  After years of development and testing, he perfected the technique and now teaches it to people who want to help themselves and others heal.  

What is the Emotion Code?  The Emotion Code is a gentle energetic healing technique that assists you in releasing emotional baggage that's keeping you from being the confident, healthy, and successful person you were born to be.

What Happens During an Emotion Code Session With Me? Your initial session is done remotely on Zoom.  You don't have to rehash your painful story.  You don't even have to consciously remember what has affected you so deeply.  You just have to be open to allowing yourself to release what no longer serves you.  I use a bio energetic technique (with the help of my pendulum) to connect with your subconscious mind and find the trapped emotions that are ready to go.  Then I use magnified intention to put energy into your system that assists you in flushing out the stuck emotional energy.  You may feel lighter right away.  You may feel kind of funky for a day or two and then lighter.  If trapped emotions are the cause of your problem, you will eventually feel lighter and able to move forward with your life.

If you're feeling stuck due to patterns that repeat themselves or traumas that you've experienced, you could benefit from this simple, painless, technique. 

During your initial session, we'll establish what would be most beneficial to focus upon, and then release as many trapped emotions as we can that are related to your primary issue. We'll also explore the best approach to working with your presenting issues via the Emotion Code. Some possibilities are...

  • You may feel that one session did the trick.
  • You may want to take a wait and see approach, preferring to schedule another session when needed.
  • Many people begin to feel relief within 1-5 sessions.  You may decide to commit to a series of sessions to continue with the progress.
  • You may decide to book another session to release trapped emotions related to another issues.
  • You may want to explore Emotion Code for your child or pet.

If you decide you want to have more sessions, we'll discuss package options, timeframe of delivery, and also the best delivery method for you (i.e. Zoom, phone, email)

How do I get started?  You can try a package of 5 sessions or try just one. Many people feel relief with just one session.  However, larger issues can take 5 sessions or more before benefits are seen.  To get started...

  1. Decide if you want a single session or package
  2. Order and Pay
  3. Read through a consent document and agree to its terms
  4. Set up your first appointment

If you would like to try one session to see if the Emotion Code is right for you, you will receive everything in the package except the 4 follow up sessions. If you decide you want to continue, you will still be eligible to purchase the 5 session introductory package at its current rate.

The 5 Session Package Includes

  • 1 live Zoom meeting (allow 45 - 50 minutes)
  • 4 subsequent live Zoom or phone meetings (allow 30-45 minutes)
  • A written record of all emotions that were released (with guidelines on how to do an optional conscious release ritual)
  • A journaling page to reflect upon your experiences and shifts
  • Access to your personal Private Client Hub (where you can keep track of all of your sessions and communicate with me about your services)

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Let's Get Ready for Your Initial Emotion Code Session

Here are the steps to set up your reading...

  1. Complete the intake questions
  2. Read the consent form and agree to the terms
  3. Schedule your appointment
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