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Reboot Your Multidimensional Super Computer

In case you haven't noticed, we're in the middle of an unprecedented dimensional shift in consciousness. We can no longer function from the purely physical, emotional, and mental planes of awareness. We must live as the multidimensional humans we were meant to be.


Are You a Human Design Projector?

Information about Human Design Projector energy types

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What does it mean to be a Human Design Generators or Manifesting Generator?

What does it mean to be a Human Design Generator or Manifesting Generator?

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Your Power in the Conditioning Matrix

The only truth that you can count on is the truth inside of you. Human Design gives us a blueprint to know the truth of our hardwiring and potentials. The Gene Keys helps us to evolve our consciousness to see our truth from a higher level. But did you know that you can also discover your inner truth by understanding who you're not? That's what we're exploring in the Deconditioning Blueprint.

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Human Design Resources

Recommended resources to learn and study Human Design. Where to learn about my human design chart.

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The 2027 Human Design Mutation and Shift

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, laid out an unfolding timeline that included the ending of an old era in 2027. We're already seeing this shift as we get closer to that marker.

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Is it Ok to Have No Energy?

Have you have been struggling lately with not having enough energy to do the things that you think you need to do? If so, let’s explore, from the human design perspective, what that’s about and whether or not that’s ok with you.


New Moon in Libra Gate 18 - The Universe Just Gave You a Do-Over

With the new moon in libra in human design gate 18 there's an opportunity to see what needs to be corrected and to crack the door open to a new beginning that helps us make those deep corrections that will ultimately bring more balance into our lives and onto the planet.

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Feeling Powerless about Your Human Design? Do This to Get More Personal Power

Feeling powerless about your Human Design? Do this to get more personal power. You're not here to be a victim in any way!


Why Human Design is More than a Personality Assessment Tool

A popular response to the question what is Human Design is that it's a personality assessment tool. This article explains how Human Design shows you more about yourself than the Myer-Briggs or DISC assessments and natal astrology ever could.

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New Year by Design Success Strategy

What if your success in 2019 has nothing to do with new year resolutions and promises to make big changes? You can be more successful, abundant and joyful in the new year, simply by knowing who you are and living life by your Human Design.


Emotions Aren't Personal

This week we're opening the Human Design door on the topic of emotions and emotional management. As a 3/5 Projector with an undefined emotional solar plexus, I have some perspectives on emotions that will be shared with you over the next few weeks. If you've been struggling to understand your emotions or the emotions of others, this video will lay the groundwork for you to get the mechanical understanding of how people are designed to operate emotionally.

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