Is Your Human Design Authority Your Intuition?

The topic of intuition is something near and dear to my heart and I’ve been pondering how your Human Design inner authority is related to your intuition.  An explanation that’s articulate enough to share with you has finally come together.  Today we’re going to explore where your inner authority fits into your intuitive gifts. Is your intuition the same as your Human Design authority? 

When Human Design Generators Don’t Feel Like Working It's Probably Because of This

Human Design Generator and Manifesting Generator (MG) energy types are designed to find a lot of satisfaction in in their work. They have the work energy to dig in and get things done in a very real and often physical way. They are here to create and build the things that are necessary to sustain our existence in the world. And they often feel energized and empowered when using their energy in this way. This is a typical description of how Generators and Manifesting Generators are understood through the lens of Human Design. But for many of them it doesn’t ring true.

How to Start Your Human Design Experiment - Not Strategy and Authority

You’re probably reading this because you were introduced to your Human Design chart and you’re trying to figure it out. There’s a lot to learn if you truly want to understand the ins and outs of Human Design. But before you go down the rabbit hole of information overwhelm, please allow me to reign you in a bit and point you in a productive direction.

Defined Spleen Center and the Cat

Do you have a brown triangle on the lower left side of your Human Design chart? If so, you have a defined spleen. If you have this center defined in your bodygraph you may be struggling to understand how it works.

The 2027 Human Design Mutation Made Simple

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, laid out an unfolding timeline that included the ending of an old era in 2027. We’re already seeing this shift as we get closer to that marker. Here's a simple explanation of the prophecy and what it could mean for you and our world.

Human Design Advice to Sleep Alone – My Honey Won’t Like That!

The practice of sleeping alone is encouraged in Human Design circles. If you’ve heard this advice you may have resistance about doing it. I can totally understand that. So I want to take a few minutes here to explain what the advice to sleep alone is about and how it can benefit you. Then I want to give you some practical understanding of how you can apply this practice of sleeping alone to your life without disrupting your relationship with your honey.

Feeling Like You Don’t Fit In? Individual Circuitry in the Human Design Chart

If you struggle with the theme of feeling like you don't fit in or belong, you could have a lot of individual circuitry in your Human Design chart. This post is based on a video that I did which explains a little about your individuality as understood through individual circuitry, and why It’s so important that you embrace and live it.

How Human Design Generators With a Lot of Open Centers Deal With Stress

How Human Design Generators With a Lot of Open Centers Deal With Stress. Generators with a lot of openness deal with stress differently than very open Projectors.

When Informing Brings Up Anger – What’s a Human Design Manifestor to Do?

Human Design Manifestors are told that their lives will be more peaceful when they inform before they taking action. But what happens when informing others actually creates anger and tension? This is a common issue among female manifestors (and some males) who really desire to keep the peace.

Single and Split Definition in the Human Design Chart

Definition is a very important thing to understand on your Human Design chart. In general, the term definition refers to the colored in areas in your chart. These are areas where your energy functions in a consistent way through the energy centers, and where you experience consistent themes through the gates and channels. Read More...


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