It’s not unusual for Human Design Manifesting Generators to feel frustration and maybe a tinge of anger when they aren’t able to achieve what they want in their work and life.  If you’re a powerhouse Manifesting Generator who wants success, let’s talk about how you’re hardwired to use your life force energy that ultimately leads you to your highest expression in life, business, and relationships.

Wait What? Success Is Not Just for Projectors?  

At the beginning of this series, I mentioned that success is not just a Projector’s thing. It is true that traditional Human Design pins the theme of success onto Projectors as their signature theme, but that doesn’t mean that the other energy types don’t get to experience success as well. 

I want to emphasize that what lights you up in terms of success, dear Manifesting Generator, has an entirely different feel than the other energy types (especially the Projectors). You want to use your life force effectively so that you’re free to get on with living in your unique way. Therefore, as a Manifesting Generator, you have your own success markers that can be understood through your relationship with work and your emotional theme of satisfaction. They can be summarized as these 3 things….


Deep Satisfaction with Work 

Dynamic Energy to Build and Create 

Efficiency and Speed 

Deep Satisfaction with Work 

You will feel successful when you’re doing work that’s deeply satisfying. The right work and activities can engage you for long periods of time. This kind of work has a regenerative effect on your system. Manifesting Generators are a subset of the Generator energy type. Unlike the Generators, you have an extra kick of energy that fuels your manifestations when the timing is right.  This gives you a bit of extra speed at times, which colors what is satisfying for you.  

However, nothing pleases you more than to spend the day working at something you love. You may be tired at the end of the day, but you’ll fall asleep with a deep sense of satisfaction. The right kind of work ultimately renews your body, mind and spirit. 

Dynamic Energy to Build and Create 

Here’s where your extra kick of energy contributes to your success in a way that’s different from the Generators.  Your kind of success is very much about what you can build on an ongoing basis that will facilitate opportunities for yourself and others. When you’re following your personal rhythm and flow, your energy field has power behind it. It can be intense at times. That power attracts people and opportunities that you can then respond to with rapid speed. 

Because you do have so much energy to use up each day, it’s important that you stay busy. You’re a great multi-tasker, a mover and a shaker. All of your activities are not meant to take you to your destiny. When you’re multi-taking, you’re simply occupying yourself and using up your energy while you’re waiting for the right timing and opportunities to come along so that is a good use of your dynamic life force.

There are nuances to the multi-tasking thing, of course. Sometimes you may be using your energy to rest and recover or do seemingly nothing until it’s time to do something again. We’ll get to this with your sacral response. Just know for now, that your powerhouse moving and shaking could potentially come in waves, depending on what’s in the rest of your chart.

Efficiency and Speed

You are designed to work with efficiency and speed. Ideally you find shortcuts that allow you to skip the steps that you don’t need. 

Sometimes you skip steps or cut corners that you need to go back and fix. Patience is the key for you. This is your innate process for getting things done. While you may feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall, you’re doing it rapidly to find out what sticks. 

Because you have so much energy pushing you ahead, it’s easy to leave others frustrated when they can’t keep up. Again, a little patience goes a long way. It also helps to inform others of what you’re doing, so that you can work better together. 

If you ever feel drained, stuck or frustrated, because things aren’t moving quickly enough for you, it means that you may not be working in ways that are correct for you. It helps to follow your process for gaining clarity and making decisions, so that you avoid being stalled or slowed down. 


Like the Generators, your personal success depends on two things… 

1. Clarity 

2. Timing 

Clarity – Listen to Your Gut Response 

As a Manifesting Generator, your gut response is your inner guidance system.  It’s also known as your sacral response. Your gut (sacral) response comes out of your mouth spontaneously and rapidly. It may sound like “yes” / “no”, “yep” / “nope”, or any number of grunting vocal sounds that are uttered before your mind has had a chance to think.  You’re always responding to something you’ve attracted… something real, not a great idea.

The best way to get in touch with your gut response is to get someone to ask you yes and no questions. Then listen to how you respond. An important thing to remember is that clarity doesn’t come in full sentences. If you are responding with more than just an initial affirmative or negative utterance, you’ve bypassed your body’s inner guidance system. Don’t be surprised if your sacral response sometimes conflicts with what you think you should do. Your body always knows your truth. 

Because of the dynamic nature of your energy, you may move a bit fast for those around you… hence the tinge of anger that can crop up in either you or them.  When you have the clarity you need via your sacral response, and the timing is right to take action, you can avoid potential anger and frustration by informing those who will be impacted by your actions before taking the leap. If you’re moving quickly, you could save yourself some heartache if you remember to look before you leap. Not all steps are meant to be skipped. Sometimes you inadvertently initiate from the level of a good idea, instead of waiting to respond with your gut. You may be able to catch yourself if you feel how the situation may turn out before you take the action.

Timing for Taking Actions

First and foremost, Manifesting Generators need to wait for something tangible to respond to. This is step one of the timing of your actions. In traditional Human Design speak, this is your strategy for avoiding the type of frustration that comes with acting out of sync with your personal inner knowing. 

We’ve already talked about the ins and outs of listening to your gut (sacral) response, but I want to emphasize that the thing you’re waiting to respond to is actually something real and tangible. You’ve attracted it into your life and it presents itself. You can respond to people, a yes or no question, a suggestion that another person makes to you. Or you may read, see or hear something that sparks an inner response. Just remember that your sacral really doesn’t respond to an idea that you pulled out of your head.

The second part of timing has to do with your inner authority.  It’s crucial to listen to and follow your inner authority. It helps you to understand when, exactly, you have the clarity that you need to take an action that will lead to the satisfaction of success. It has to do with how long you must wait after your sacral responds, before you make your final decision to take actions. Manifesting Generators can have one of two types of authority. Look at your chart to discover which is yours, Sacral or Emotional.

Sacral Authority

This is the type of authority that’s immediate. You grunt. You know. You take action at that time. In other words, your sacral responds and your life force is mobilized in that moment for the next action. When you follow your response in the moment, your actions will lead you through the building process of your life. If you hesitate, you will miss the opportunity to use your energy in a way that brings satisfaction.

Emotional Authority 

When you have emotional authority, you live in a sea of emotions. Therefore, you must wait an adequate amount of time to make sure that your actions aren’t colored by emotional reaction. Each point along your emotional cycle reveals something about the decision that you’re considering. 

Your emotional chemistry may feel like a low grade sense of nervousness. At each stage of the nervousness you will get more information about how you feel about the decision you’re considering. When the nervousness subsides you will have gathered the full picture of your feelings and emotions about the issue. 

Your energy can move quickly, and it may be a challenge to determine whether you’re responding with your gut or initiating action from your ideas. You have the extra energy resources to “throw spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks”, but you might save yourself a little heartache if you can pause for a split second and envision how your actions might turn out before you take them.


Develop Awareness: 

Become Aware of What You’re Attracting and How You’re Responding. Pay attention to who shows up in your life, what opportunities are coming to you, and what your response is to them. 

Get in Touch with Your Gut Response: 

See if you can catch yourself uttering the sounds that feel like they’re connected to your gut response. If you’re having trouble getting connected, get someone to ask you yes and no questions in rapid succession. Put your mind out of the way and just let your body express itself. It may help you to put your hand on your lower abdomen as you do this. 

Practice taking action without delay when your gut response is “uh huh”. This strengthens your communication and connection with your gut response.


When you understand your Manifesting Generator operating system, you can build trust in your body awareness and the guidance it provides. Remember that your body always tells the truth about what you really want through the way it responds to what’s in your life. Follow the guttural verbal responses that come out of your mouth in a way that’s in alignment with your correct timing. Your gut response utterances are usually not the Generator “uh huh”, “un un”, but could be much quicker and unique to you. 

When you’re working on getting in touch with your sacral (gut) response, It helps to get someone to ask you yes and no questions in quick succession. This helps you to bypass the trap of thinking, which will always cloud your ability to feel your body’s inner guidance system.  

You move rapidly. Sometimes it’s hard for you to know if you’re responding or initiating action. Sometimes you jump into a situation and have to jump out. Not everything sticks. It’s ok. Just keep listening to your gut and following its response. 

Visualize how an action may turn out before you take it. Remember to inform those who are impacted before taking the action. 

Be patient with yourself and inform others about what you’re doing so they don’t get impatient with you. 

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